Several small features added to the forum

I’ve checked out the library of plugins for our forum software (which is called Discourse, not to be confused with Discord :slight_smile: ). And in the course, I’ve added a few new small features:

  • Chat area (see Chat area added to forum)
  • “Solution”-marker. In the “Feature Request” area, the thread starter or I can mark a request as the solution for a request now. This way it’s easier to see which requests are resolved and which are still open. The “solution” will also be specially marked right after the initial posting in a thread.
  • A “Vote” button for topics. This will be used in the “Fearure Request” category to replace the old way to up-vote a feature you’d like to see implemented. Feel free to check the open feature requests and add your vote to what you’d like to get implemented anytime.
  • Spoiler-markers: [spoiler] around a text [/spoiler] will look like this: around a text .

Another feature I’ve found is a possible replacement for Sponsus. It might be possible to manage the whole sponsoring/donation system within our own forum without the need for any external provider. That would take some additional work and implementation on my behalf, though, and would be something to consider for the near future.