Sex with women?

Can stories have sex with women? I’d like to write a multi chapter story, mostly m on m, but have a female character where there’s a chapter just about sex with her.


I think so. I’ve seen a couple of stories here in the past where there are some chapters with straight sex in them. In fact one of those stories became my all time favorite lol. Anyways good luck with your story


If it‘s just a part of a story, noone will mind m/f or even f/f plots.

The main theme of each story, and especially the mind control part, should be m/m, though.

Brace yourself for some people carping, but don’t let it stop you from writing the story you envision.

There have definitely been comment threads from people complaining that even the MENTION of women in a story turned them off, but presumably they’re a tiny if vocal minority. I recently got this comment on a story: “Could have done without the girl, but,story pretty intriguing.”

Just make sure there’s a tag mentioning straight/heterosexual sex, so they can’t say they weren’t “warned”.

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This is my position on this: women in stories? Sure! Women getting mind controlled? No problem. Explicitly describing hetero sex scenes? Erm…I’d rather you didn’t. That’s just me, though.

I would probably still read it, especially if the woman was a dominant character. Sexuality being fluid and all, I’ve been getting a kick out of hetero stuff as of late and pegging as well.

Prefer bisexual male stuff. So fine by me but ultimately host matters. If not here and

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In my opinion is that it depends.

Hetero sex at the start to show the straight guy is straight, Great! Hetero sex at particular points to show him still mostky straight, also fine.

But the focus should be on the gay sex rather than straight sex. So an entire chapter devoted to straight sex is something I won’t read.

On the issue of who is doing the hypnotizing, honestly I dislike female dominant and so would quickly skip such a thing. Be a man hypnotizing a women while hypnotizing her boyfriend, sure, thats fine.

This is a gay site and so women should take a backseat in stories here.

Everyone as he likes. I’m 100% gay and don’t want to read hetero-stories. If the story includes heterosexual sex, to make something clear, to point out something important, it’s o.k. for me. But just used well-directed.

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Lots of places for hetro content online. Rather see & read gay only myself.

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I’d like to see both to be honest. Would love to see gay-to-straight stories on here.

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Oh lord heavens no on this. No offense to you or your interests but gay to straight has little place here.

No matter how hot a story could be, when it has that, it’s a big nope.


You can always set up your own website to host such content.

If you like it, why not? Of course, the main branch should be M & M, but otherwise, you shouldn’t be too restrictive. You can write that the main character used to be heterosexual, but he was not happy with his sex life. Then he found a magnum dong from his wife, and after that, he began to rethink his own needs. There are a lot of options here. Personally, I have always been attracted by atypical stories where one or more fetishes are present. The main thing is not to focus too much on the woman, let it be just a part of the story.

I wrote a male/female sex scene into one of my Star World Online chapters. Some were angry, others skipped it. I think to me, it made sense in the moment, so I went with it. The moment did well develop my main character, so there was reason to it. That being, the character being tough by a woman who loves cock, to love cock.

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Of course, it can. You can pay more attention to their feelings while having sex with a woman—something like discovering both parts of this world. I would like to read some sex related stories of a gay man experimenting prior to his coming out. Make the female " an active " protagonist, so you can describe men's thoughts and feeling while having sex.

Include some experiments with remote vibrators. I really like the stories where sex toys are involved. My boyfriend and I really like to experiment with those. It adds fire to your bedroom as the sex stories.

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Hmm, I had a moment in my life when I wanted to try sex with a girl. A couple of years ago, I decided to try something new, especially since it was not easy for me after a long break with my boyfriend. I went to some website, I think it was this one I chose a pretty girl and met her. She was a dark-skinned beauty, with a big ass. At first I wanted to offer her anal sex, but I decided that I wanted vaginal sex. She gave me a pretty good blowjob, remembering the rumors that guys do it better. And we had a good time with her, it will do for a change. I think someday I’ll want it again, maybe you’d better try it yourself so that your story is more natural, and a new experience in life is always cool.

Just use a tag to indicate there will be some straight sex and it’ll be fine. I personally hate when stories here include a female, even when they’re included as a mind controlled accomplice; it’s truly such a huge turnoff. There are many other mind control story sites where women can be used.