Shoutout for No More Humans by Nex Canis

It’s by Nex Canis. He’s an author of this site, but he posts many of his stories on Sofurry and Furaffinity. No More Humans is a story about Duke, a man who wakes up in rural Washington cusred into being an anthromorphic monster who must live out his sexual fanatzies with the twist that everyone else will fill the role he imagined himself in.

Is there mind control? There is no standard mind control (besides two chapters that have some repeating a trigger phrase hyponsis), the curse does some minor mind manipulation of just about everyone involved including our main character.

Is the writing good? Very.

How are the characters? The characters are all mostly fun and well written. I also think the character development is handled really well.

Are the sex scenes good? It depends on the person and their kinks, but I have returned to multiple chapters for their sex scenes alone, including the hyponsis chapters. The non-Duke hyponsis sex scene being my second favorite sex scene of the series so far.

How furry is it? Very. The end result of every instance of the the curse involves turning men into anthromorphic animals that are hunks.

Is it worth the read? I think so and I’m recommending it.