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Hello People of the Forums,

Just a quick question. I learned from another thread, about the green colour addition to new stories. And I love this change…since I began consciously seeing it.

I was wondering if there is a reason oreaning behind the other colours as there seems to be different shades for different stories: black, grey, green, slightly less green.

Screen shot that shows all of the ones I have seen.

Again just a curiousity not to be a critisim.

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The table is alternating between two shades to make it easier for the eye to separate the stories. So there are actually only two different kinds of “backgrounds” with any significance: The normal, greyish background (alternating lighter and darker) and the greenish background (also lighter and darker) for new stories.

You can also look into the “Themes” menu and check out the other themes. They have slightly different colors and styles, but they work all the same. The “Dark” schemes use a dark background, the other ones have a white background.


Ah very cool, thanks Martin!