Site is infected with VBS:Malware-gen

Just a heads-up. When I downloaded a story to read offline, my antivirus program had to quarantine the page because it’s infected with VBS: Malware-Gen.

Do you remember which story?

And I didn’t know that it’s possible to download stories. What exactly did you do?

The original poster’s username sounds very bot-like.

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Even assuming the original poster is legit, the “-gen” in the name suggests that it’s a “general” detection, which means it’s based on heuristics. False positives are very common with heuristic algorithms. I downloaded a random story myself and had no problems. So, either it’s story-specific or it’s very likely to be a false hit.

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Yes, I’m pretty sure it is a false alarm, still I don’t want to dismiss it right away. I always appreciate someone reporting an issue. I just suspect that the user might have gotten a false positive from his overzealous virus scanner.

There hasn’t been any indication that we have been hacked and I’ve implemented various security features over the last few months.

The stories themselves are filtered as well, so even if someone would add some sneaky HTML / JavaScript into their stories, it will be filtered out and can’t do any harm. Only basic HTML can make it through the filter.


I tried it on other pages too, so I don’t think it was just one page. You can download the page by right-clicking and hitting Save As…

But then you’re not downloading the story per se, but the entire web page (which might be the same thing to you).

I’m pretty sure that there is no virus on the site. I would have noticed, because I’m working very intensive with the site.

Still, you can upload such a file downloaded from the site here in the forum or send it to me by mail (at and I will look at the file as it was saved onto your computer.

Which virus scanner are you using?

Sorry, just noticed this reply. I don’t remember which stories I tried to download back then, but I use AVG for my antivirus program. As soon as I tried to save the pages, they would immediately get dinged by AVG. I haven’t seen that issue happen since then though. And yes, I meant downloading the stories by downloading the page.

Thanks for reporting back.

I’m still convinced that this was just a false alarm by AVG. There has been no indication that the site has been hacked. But I appreciate your report!