Slow or Freezing

I have been going to gayspiralstories for months on my tablet and last week a stupid pop-up said to enable java but it was always on, and keeps slowing down or Freezes and i want to know what is wrong cause i know it is not my tablet. It keeps saying enable scripting or whitelist the site, but I’m not a tech person I don’t know what on Earth it’s talking about. Please Help I miss reading my favorite stories.

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That sounds like JavaScript is crashing in your tablet

What model do you have? Which version of the OS and what browser are you using?

In general, I test against older browser versions but unfortunately there’s always the chance that something breaks on a particular older browser. For that I have to know exactly what you’re using.

You can also check if it’s possible to update your device or at least the browser. Maybe even change to another browser.

This is happening to me too, on my phone, particularly about 5-15 seconds after I open a story. I am using a Samsung Galaxy S7, on Android 8.0.0 OS. The issue occurs both on Chrome and on my phone’s native internet app.

Thank you for replying. I’ll test that particular device and come back to you if I have a solution.

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Ok, I tested Android 8 on and I can indeed see that opening a story seems to slow down the device to a crawl making it unresponsive.

This is rather disturbing. I’m using a third party library to do the Markdown rendering (markdown-it), which seems to crash on larger texts on Android 8. I see if I can figure out the cause.

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@Charbi @0Orion

I think I’ve found the cause. I’ve just uploaded a temporary fix.

It turned out that it’s caused by the new editor (which is used for adding comments on the story page), and in particular the emoji selection dialog on that editor. It tries to load a couple of 1000 emojis all at once which seems to overwhelm that older Chrome browser.

I’ve disabled the emoji feature on the comment editor for the time being. Please test if opening a story is working fine now for you.

I’ll try later to find a better working solution. For now you should be able to use the site again, I hope.

Sorry for the interruption and thank you a lot for reporting the issue!

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I found a way to delay loading of the emojis, and my tests on Android OS 8 (and older, too) were looking very good.

So emojis are back again in the editor and I hope the performance is at least as good as it was before the update last weekend.

Please let me know if you see any other issues.


Everything’s good on my end now, thanks for the quick fix Martin!

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Yeah it is working like it used to. Thanks for looking at the problem

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