Someone briefly explain HTML to me

I’m an ignorant buffoon who is interested in using italics in my stories. I have seen several people comment that this can be done through the use of HTML. I just want to make sure I understand this correctly.

My thinking is I would put before the text I want to italicize, and then the same with a slash at the end, right? Or am I off base with this?

Does anyone have any examples on the main site of stories that use italics? I want to see what it would look like on the user end.

Edit: I appear to have unintentionally italicized the words in this post. Lol. Who knew computering could be so complicated?

If I just do it how I did above in an actual story on the main site, would it work the same way?

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Actually, i’m curious how this works too. Can you also do bold letters too? Thanks for bringing it up.

Yeah, basically for the basic text formatting markup you’d be using, that would be:

<.i> <./i> as you figured out (minus the ‘.’
<.b></.b> for bold
same tag format <>text </> with a ‘u’ for underline…
Basically, those brackets are your starting and closing tags, effecting what’s between them.
besides bold, italic and underline, some other options are <.p> for a paragraph but since you can easily do that here with hitting enter/return, probably unnecessary.

However, I have not used html formatting in my stories on-site yet so I can’t answer that. But if html CAN be used for submitting stories–not forum posts–then yes, that is how you’d do it.


Thanks, that’s what I thought. I’ll try it on my next story and see how it turns out :+1: