I’ve received 2 private messages asking me to try out the site from @Johnn21.

I’ve deleted him. Thanks for reporting!


That message came to me as well. I just spent 30 minutes trying to find it - and now I realize it is spam. Thank you guys. I’ve just moved from Vietnam to Korea - with a short flight from Saigon to Seoul. The coldest I’ve felt in years - the aircon on the flight was unimaginable. All this moving has prevented me from doing much writing. I hope to get back into it soon. Cheers, mates!

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I’ve just received a personal chat from Charles6803 to the same site.

I have also received the same personal chat from Charles6803 as the guy above my post.

I’ve deleted all his messages, the user itself and blocked his IP.

Not that this will do much good…


thanks Martin

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I have also received a personal chat and invite from Charles6803 in my email. I deleted it.