Special rules for "Coming of Age" stories (on Gay Cupid Stories)

Exclusively on the site www.gaycupidstories.com, there is a special category called “Coming of Age”. For stories placed in this category, a unique set of rules apply:

  • The category “Coming of Age” has to be selected and the tag “teen” must also be set.

  • The story should be about a romantic relationship between young men.

  • The characters in these stories can be younger than what would usually be acceptable on any of the other sites (as defined in the standard rules).

  • The characters STILL have to be in puberty, though. Describing children-like features like high-pitched children’s voices, “dry orgasms” etc. are explicitly forbidden. It has to be clear that the characters are developed enough to be genuinely interested in a sexual relationship.

  • The younger the characters are, the smaller the age gap between them has to be. Any story with a notable age gap between the actors might be rejected without any further explanation.

  • The characters must not have any dependency upon each other, i.e. no parents, older relatives, guardians, scoutmasters, etc.

  • Incest is only acceptable if the actors are around the same age (twins, brothers, or cousins).

  • The stories can contain sex, but kinks should definitely not be the focus. No mind control or any other means of coercion whatsoever. No sub/dom and no “omegaverse” content.

  • No real-life images of people under 18. Drawings of younger persons are ok, but they must not be sexual in nature (no dicks, no asses, etc.).

  • All other standard rules (other than the age rules) still apply.

I’d like to add the my reasoning why I’ve established this category.

I understand perfectly well, that there are many people who’ll hate this and won’t understand why I’m going to allow this. This is also why this is restricted to this special category, which can easily be blocked by anyone who doesn’t want to be bothered with this content.

The awakening and discovery of our own sexuality and our first relationships are an integral part of our lives. This happens all the time and everywhere around the world. To block this out of our consciousness based on some overblown fear that young people might get abused, while understandable, is really not rational.

A story is just a story, nothing more. Stories about how young people find their own true self, how they find their first love, to witness their struggle to accept their own longings and desires and to accompany them on a small part on their path to adulthood is one of the most heartwarming and romantic themes I can even think of.

That’s why, in general, “Coming of Age” is a very popular and appreciated genre in literature. Of course, usually while blending out the juicy details, which are just implied casually at best.

I would like to think that it’s possible to write and read about these things without having a bad feeling. There are certain things I just don’t like, of course, like physical abuse, coercing, etc., that’s why I won’t allow them (even though they’re also a part of our lives as well, and certainly must not be kept secret, but they have no place here on this site!).

If you don’t agree with these rules, I encourage you to unselect the category “Coming of Age” which will reliably shield you from these stories. If you want to argue about those rules, please write at admin@gayspiralstories.com or post into the corresponding thread here in the forum.