Sponsus Dying

Juuuuust to let you know, as a person who has been using Sponsus, I will happily use whatever you choose to switch to in order to keep supporting this site, which has given me a great deal of delight over the last several months (and hosted a couple of my stories for years).


Is there a way some of us can make a one-off donation quickly and easily to support the site while the main funding method gets resolved?


Thank you, I appreciate the sentiment, I really do. Let me use this weekend to find a solution. It’s not that there are no solutions, it’s more that this comes at a very inconvenient time for me.

If there’s any way you can help, I’ll let you all know. And again, I’m very thankful for all your support over the years!


Martin, I’d be happy to use Venmo, Cash App, Paypal, or any other service for transferring money until you have something put together to do it automatically.

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I go to a comics website and they have a Pateron where it is just for donating per month. No perks, nothing offered, just a platform to get donations.

I do think Stripe is the gold standard these days in terms of minimizing cost and simplifying payments. As long as your service isn’t in their exceptions list (I don’t believe so), you should be good.

I’ve been integrating pages with stripe for years and found that it often wasn’t necessary for my clients. Stripe has Payment Pages you can create by building products and subscription models through their UI. The pages offer some flexibility and obviously the required fields needed for processing. In the end, it spits out a link which you can place on the homepage. The setup process shouldn’t take longer than an hour.

Take a look for a short term solution.

Best of luck,

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Do you need programming help to integrate Stripe?

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@astrologus & @Love_To_Mind_Control

Thank you both, you’re amazing :slight_smile:

I will probably do some kind of middle-ground solution. I will use the checkout dialog of Stripe, but I need to integrate my own code with their customer module, so my site gets notified about any changes made on Stripe.

I checked out their api, it looks easy enough to integrate, it’s simply work I have to do. And I have to change my own data model slightly.

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Hi. I am (developer-architect) experienced in integrating several payments method. If you appreciate a helping hand, just ping.

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Definitely let us know if you need one-off donations to float things while a new method gets worked out. Happy to help.

Thank you all again.

I’ve made some good progress with the integration of Stripe. I think it should get live tomorrow evening.


@Martin I hope all is well with you and this resolves soon. I’ve already halted and unlinked from Sponsus. I was also attempting to bookmark an author and its locked to ‘special features’ subcribers - so I’m assuming some features are still linked to Sponsus memberships?

Yeah, I’m afraid all sponsor features are offline right now, which is really a bad situation.

I’ve finished a very basic integration yesterday, but I’m not really happy with it. But I decided to go live with it anyway, but I still need to do some final touches. Please give another day or two.

And thanks for being a loyal supporter!