Sponsus - Non USD Experience?

Is anybody able to give me an overview of how Sponsus handles payments it you’re outside of the US?

Main thing I’m trying to understand is whether we pledge and pay in local CCY (like Patreon), pledge in USD buy pay in local CCY (like PayPay tends to offer) or have to pledge and pay in USD.

Tried looking on their site for an answer but failed to find any helpful FAQs

What is CCY? Currency?

Sponsus uses the international payment service Stripe which will pay out in the local currency of your country.

Sponsus has a Discord channel where you can get all the answers you’re looking for, BTW!

Sorry, that was work shorthand slipping out! Yeah, CCY = currency

So, even though the GSS tiers are in USD we’re actually charged in Pounds / Euro / whatever through Stripe?

Yes, the amount is calculated in $ but I get the respective amount in Euros credited to my account.