Stolen stories

I don’t know if anyone else has had success in getting their stolen stories taken down from Amazon, but I’m not. I submitted a copyright infringement request for a chapter of my series that appears in one of the books, and Amazon didn’t believe me.

It’s baffling to me that an ‘author’ on Amazon can get dozens of copyright claims (some clearly successful with stories being taken down) and their account isn’t somehow automatically blocked/deleted.

Exactly how many strikes does a person need to get for copyright infringement before Amazon cares?

It looks like some of the books are being taken down. I only found one matching title on the list – no idea if it’s actually my story, because the book is already down.

I had no problems on the first try. I’d say try again/appeal. Or it’s also possible that someone came up with the same story title you did and it’s not yours at all.

Why do authors have to report these thefts individually? Surely, it would have a greater effect if Martin reported a list of all the stories which had been stolen from this site? Also, have the titles of the stories been changed by the thief? If so, it would be difficult to tell without buying the e-book and reading them.

I don’t own the stories and can’t act on behalf of the owners. Also, I understand most stories have been copied from EMCSA.

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Actually, when I filled out the form, it looked like they would accept reports from people other than the actual copyright holder. I don’t recall if they had any mass-reporting facility, though…it might’ve been only one-by-one, plus they asked for a brief description of the work, presumably to ensure that the story being pulled once just a coincidentally identical title. Taken all together, the process would be way beyond a single person’s ability to do for something as large as GSS.

I’ve been successful in getting Amazon to take down the 2 “books” which had my stories in their story lists. The reporting process seemed fairly straightforward, you can provide the link to your story and a brief description of the case. I received the confirmation the next morning saying they will take down the publications.

As for having Martin report en masse on behalf of those affected here, I don’t think it would be that simple or practical, or perhaps a bit unfair on Martin to take care of it. If you have gone through all of the story lists in all of these “books”, they include a wide random range of adult fictions with both straight and gay themes from unknown sources, most likely pulled together using a bot. As others mentioned, many relevant gay hypno stories were likely pulled from EMCSA, which happens to have a lot of duplications with GSS’s collection. So all in all, it’s probably easier for each of us authors to check if our work was affected and make our own reporting to Amazon. A good number of those have been taken down as such already, so our individual efforts did not go unanswered.


not sure who the so called author is, so cant check if any of my stories are involved

Does anyone have a link to that author page? One of my stories is rejected because Amazon says it’s already been published but they won’t share the story in question. I want to go check to see if it’s the same shitty person so that I can fight it.