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Hi. You may be familiar with the story “Donnie vs. Superboy”, 'Donnie vs Superboy' by Anonymous - Gay Spiral Stories
I’m looking for stories with a bad guy like Donny. With the same unbalanced, impudent and arrogant.
Even on this site there are plenty of stories with bullies, but in the stories that I read, all the bad guys refused were not so bad, compared to Donnie. They were not so cocky and arrogant.
Please help me find exactly those stories where, in your opinion, there is a bully like Donny…

The original author commissioned me to redo it before he passed last year, this is a new version.


Have you read stories by Edlam? The villains are pretty villainous in his stories.


Training of Duty Boy is pretty crazy. The bad guy is pretty darn messed up in this one!