Stories where a straight guy undergoes a stereotypical "fem" personality conversion

New vocabulary, new mannerisms, new clothes - listening to lady gaga - leaving their old life behind, totally embracing a new identity - does anyone have a thing for this? or is it just me?


Two stories along those lines that have stuck with me:

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Read them both last night, and yes - while they both contain elements I’m not super keen on, they both have some stuff that really relates to my first post - thanks for sharing, they have really stuck with me also.

Jackie snd the Malltarts

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The series Pink Friday was lots of fun and has the attributes you are seeking. :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much guys - I really enjoyed the first few chapters of Jackie and the malltarts in particular - I don’t know why but all the little details of outfits, tshirts, music - vocabulary and mannerism changes just really fascinate me.

I think some of the sex is a bit over the top and the speed of the changes are a bit too quick and fantastical but I still really love so many elements of these stories.

At the risk of “blowing my own horn”… Try two of my stories on this site:

Hotshot quarterback etc.
Bitching out the blond Adonis

I’d be interested to get other thoughts and opinions on this theme - I’ve read most of the stories again and found myself coming back to jackie and the malltarts and Altered Fate: Nonconformist No More! - both have amazing details that really stay with me and really get into your head.

I only wish this theme could be tackled in a non-magical / fantasy way where the subject naturally changed over time - possibly with or without realising it - but still, I really enjoyed these stories.

Well, my Bimbo Boys series is about a few gay guys who are not very fem naturally undergoing to pretty extreme fem transformation.


Thank you - I’m really enjoying it so far!

Thank you. I’m glad you like it. :slight_smile:

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