Story Categories

So, we’re finished cleaning up the tags for now.

From all the tags I’ve selected these to be used as categories:

alien	56 / 3
brainwash	113 / 6
drugged (gas, roofies, injection, addicted, weed)	168 / 7 (227 /10)
hypnosis	1192 / 77
magic (hex)	269 / 3 (273 /3)
pheromone (sweat, musk, scent, smell)	42 / 0 (191 / 7)
reality change (worldchange, altered reality)	117 / 3 (151 /6)
reprogramming (chip, computer, programmed, cybernetic, assimilation)	100 / 2 (201 /4)
time stop (immobilized, freeze, frozen)	52 / 3 (84 / 6)
transformation (alteration)	568 / 15 (575 /15)

The words in brackets are aliases and the numbers show how many stories there are for each of them.

The purpose of categories are:

  • Each story on GSS has to be some kind of “mind control” story (that’s why “mind control” is not in the list)
  • The category has to define what kind of mind control it’s about
  • Each story has to have a category. The author has to select the category when he’s submitting his story.

So, do you miss a category there? Do you think one of them has to go? Please let me know!

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How about telepathy or PSI? (Totally unrelated to my currently sketching a little something called Club Psion. :slight_smile: )

There’s no tag “PSI” yet, neither is “ESP” or “psychic”.

“Telepathy” is used on 2 stories only.

I agree it would make a nice category. As it is, I’d rather use “magic” and add the tag “psychic” and “telepathy”. Would that be ok?

Magic with a tag works for now, though it’s something of a statement. The “hard scifi” crowd would agree, but they’d tag nanotech to magic too. I seem to recall there are several superhero stories with telepathic powers, but the only ones that came to mind, z119z’s SuperJack stories, are currently untagged.

Personally, like telepathic suggestion and I wouldn’t mind this category. But we need more stories for this to make sense. So I’d suggest writing some stories for this category and maybe go through some of the other stories you know that would fit into that and add the correct tag (e.g. psychic power) to them.

If there are enough stories, I’ll create a category for it.

I very much appreciate the work you’re doing! That said, is it too much to ask for the ability to do a full-text search? When the site was still Narcissus Cursed Men I remember I couldn’t find a story using the tags. But I did find it using Google. Also, I was very turned on by the satyr story. There’s not that many stories that have satyrs in them, but how would I search that under the new tag system?

Thanks for all your work!

@nycboot there is the ability to do a full text search.

Satyr still exists as a tag, however it’s been aliased to demon, ghost and hell, so the tag search will currently show up all those tags. However just doing a standard search for satyr brings up a more selective list of stories.

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It seems some stories are miscategorized (e.g., “Welcome to the Jungle… Nursery” (, which is categorized as “hypnosis” when it seems it should be categorized as “magic” or “transformation”). However, there does not apear to be any way to re-categorize. Not sure why…

The assignment to the categories has been done automatically by looking through the tags associated with the story. The first tag found which is also a category, was used. Of course, if a story happens to have more than one category-tag, it could happen that the wrong one was used. That should be quite rare though, since there aren’t that many categories.

The author of a story can edit the category anytime. And a member of the admin staff.

I just recategorized the story you mentioned to “magic”. Let us know if you coma accross any other miscategorized story!

Thanks for helping us with that!

Has anyone noticed that over time the content here has become watered down, samey, and overly vanilla? Smooth, generically handsome guys, prefect bods unless they get changed. Everything that isn’t directly related to the mind control is completely grounded. Etc. I used to come here for leather guys, before the twist happens and they become half gorilla experiments losing their minds. Or detailed introspective of a person losing themselves to the take over of their mind while trapped inside their bodies.

Now it’s just… “and then the light flashes, and he moaned like the slut he now was. He must loved cock, it was so obvious. A big smile crossed his face…” Over and over.

It’s easy to look at the archive of stories and pick out the twisted ones; but to compare that to what is currently being posted and claim no one posts twisted stories is a false comparison. Many of those twisted stories didn’t appear at once or even in a single year, but took years to write and for the archive to accumulate. It’s like popular songs: Today there are many songs which are well-known to millions of people. In 50 years, maybe 10% of those might still be played. (Remember how overwhelmingly popular were the Beatles in the 1960s? How many of their songs are still regularly covered today - maybe about 5-10?) So too, with GSS, stories, you have to view them from a long-range view, and patiently wait for those really twisted minds to post something usual.


Or write them yourself. That also works :slight_smile:

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