Story Challenge Theme Ideas

A guest just suggested we need a place where user can share their ideas for future story challenges.

And I’m more than happy to provide for that, so this thread is where your ideas should be posted in. Of course, you can still write in Discord or to me directly as well!



Do a story about or containing a superhero (action/comical or serious/dark/confessional)
or, an act of heroism.


Butterfly Effect
A loser gained the power to go back to the past to make a change then wake up in the present to experience the reality change

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Supernatural beings
A story that focuses on supernatural creatures (vampires, werewolfs, sirens, etc.) as either protagonists or antagonists in a story.


I’ve had a werewolf story percolating in my head for literally years, but have been reluctant to write/post it because there wouldn’t even be a transformation until the third or fourth chapter.

A dangerous one;

’Author Parody’;
you pick another Author from GSS, and try to write a story in their style, pacing, and/or with their commonly used fetishes and themes.
(NOT with their characters, or ripping them off as such, but in their style)

and you put at the top of the story the name of the author you’re parodying.

So if you choose me as the Author you’re parodying, you could write a story like;

"Hello I am a bear and I smoke cigars and I met a cub who turned me into a condom and then we had a conversation with loads… of… basic… spelling… errors… and… then he fell asleep with me on his dick but i love him and then he waked up AND WE ALL HAD SEX "

comment section:
“ouu, nice fast pacing just like tDS; you were even authentic to The Dirty Spiders’ first person perspective, his HIDEOUS basic spelling errors, punctuation errors and over use of ellipses, 5/5, would wank”.

MartinGSS, but anonymously logged out;
“I liked how it was weird, but lovvy dovvy., 0.5’s across the board tho.”

Thank you for all the suggestions! Don’t be shy, keep them coming!

At least in the first year, I’m going to make a couple of “obvious” challenges, like “halloween” and “christmas”. But I will use some of your suggestions in between.

And you have a lot of influence on that decision by agreeing to a suggestion here in the forum or on discord! :slight_smile:

The Great Cookoff / Food Wars

  • Stories where food or drink is the main cause of change.

Cops and Robbers

  • Stories about Police officers and criminals

The Tryouts

  • A character is trying to get into a group, club, sport, etc so they have to try out. Changes are caused by coaches, teachers or the leaders of the group. Or even from friends who want to make sure they are perfect for what they are trying out for.

Primal Urges / Going Wild

  • Furry stories

All in the Family / Keeping it in the Family

  • Focus on incest or friends getting with a friend’s relatives. Or becoming one big happy family.

Blue Collared / The Service Industry

  • Focus on white collar workers being turned into blue collar / service workers.

Father knows Best

  • A mysterious being known as ‘Father’ goes around changing men into something else making their lives ‘better’. The character of Father has to be important to the story and he has to directly or indirectly interact with men and change them in a way that he sees fit.

What goes around comes around

  • Stories that focus on karma. Where characters who do good are rewarded and then characters who do bad get something taken away. Or even anti karma in which characters who are bad are rewarded.

On a dark and stormy night…

  • Stories about characters stuck in a house (known / unknown to them) and what they do in it

Story Time

  • Friends telling a story but it’s not quite how you remember it, though the changes become real

One for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, four turns you into a homo

  • Stories about people trying to get famous only to be put into homoerotic situations

Monsters come in all sizes

  • Stories of different kinds of monsters, magical creatures or demons taking control over situations

Photomanipulation / Picture Perfect

  • Stories about people taking pictures then they aren’t quite what it was when the picture was actually taken. Or someone is altering the photo itself. Or pictures that have already been taken changing a person’s past.

Imagine That

  • Someone’s imagination starts to run wild and everything they think about starts to turn real

Just this one Time

  • Characters promise they will only do this once, but turns out they like it or have done it more than once

Paranormal Shifters

  • Ghost Stories

Business as Usual

  • Joining a new company but the policies aren’t quite what you remember them

Some of them probably need some work and are too specific to really be beneficial. Hopefully this can at least help in generating more ideas.

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A Mind Controller Walks into a Bar…
A mind controller walks into a bar and makes some changes. Whether its a normal bar, a sports bar, a gay bar, an irish pub, etc, is up to the writer. How many people are inside, how the MCer affects the patrons and owners, how much power the MCer has, is all up to the author.

Reality Check
Stories where something (perhaps only one thing) is changed in our reality. Maybe everybody’s gay; maybe real mind control exists and is a lucrative profession; maybe its totally normal for men to go out in public naked; maybe everyone has to obey the commands of one man. The choice is yours!

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Not sure if I’m allowed to comment here without offering an idea of my own, but I just wanted to respond to Jake Landry’s suggestions above. Most of them are awesome and should definitely be considered, but I would strongly urge that we avoid fetishes that are too specific. Like furry and incest.

Everyone is always allowed to comment here of course!

And I agree with your comment. I’d like to use themes in a way that you can use them with all kinds of fetishes and means of mind control.

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Stories that focus on the effects of people gaining the ability to manipulate the world using a roleplaying game like system. While I would def like the pov of a person with access to said system another direction could be from the pov of a person effected by someone else who has said power.


Life of the leader and the drones in the new society


MC in Quarantine
People have basically already been making these of their own volition, but I think it’d be a very timely topic with a lot variation. Like:
-slowly enslaving your roommate over the months of time you’re together
-getting hypnotized via webcam alone in your apartment
-slowly hooking your quarantine mate onto your scent/pheromones as you walk around shirtless in the small space the two of you share
-Taking over an apartment complex of people you know will be inside for the next few months


“Breaking Stereotypes”

This allows for a variety of fetishes and topics and angles.


I like that one! I might even have a story for that one, depending on the exact theme and rules for it.

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Do we know what the next theme will be or when it will start?

First we gotta read and rates the current ones!

They can’t all be writing fun. :wink:

After the current challenge is done, I want to talk about how it went. Like if the time to write stories was too long or even too short.

And then we can also talk about the next theme.

I don’t want to chain challenge after challenge. They should be special. So maybe like 4-6 challenges a year at most. Unless you convince me otherwise :slight_smile:

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