Story linking in stories

Would it be possible to make a story link to other stories neatly IN the story text, like how links work?

i.e., I just wrote a “Part 2” story and I’d love the convenience of saying “you can read the first part here
Where “here” instantly boops you to part one.,

Later on down the road a feature like this could be used in stories of shared canon, with stuff like

"oh of there was that time I got turned into a fleshlamp, but that’s a story for another time (and clicking it brings you to that story)

It would also open up a cool way of hosting CYOC style stories.
"I knew I either had to trust the wizard or make my escape now.

Yes, of course that’s possible, just like you create any link:

Type the text you want to turn into a link, then mark it. Click the “link” icon in the toolbar. Paste the link to the story into that new dialog that pops up.

Done :slight_smile:

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cool! all done!

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