Story order issue

There seems to be a problem with the order stories have been appearing in lately. New stories are appearing after older ones, sometimes pages back. It counts for a lot on here to be on the first page and near the top, even for just a while. Since there’s not much story browsing capability, your story gets all but forgotten once it disappears from immediate view.

That shouldn’t happen obviously. I haven’t noticed that.

Can you give me an example please?

There were two sponsored, paid for stories at the top for a few days. Now there is one still. Is that what you’re talking about?

The issue I had seems to have come from when I entered 2 chapters. I had put in one, thought I had it sent on (I may have been in error), put in the second, and noticed there was a published and entered(?) of my first chapter. I deleted the one not published as it was showing “anonymous” as the author, which is why I selected it for deletion.

I fully admit I may have made an error, causing the chapters to be out of order (thanks for fixing that). But I don’t know how there were 2 copies of the one I uploaded with an anonymous author.