Story Stars

So with the recent additions the stars of new stories don’t disappear. Is this a new thing that I am going to have to sadly get used to or is this something that will fade with time? Just curious.

Also is there a way to remove the story challenge bar from staying there? (I don’t have a problem with the story challenge idea as a general thing, but with respect this particular one is not super interesting to me.)

You’re right, this is obviously a bug, and I wouldn’t have recognized this (at least not just yet) if you hadn’t told me!

Thanks for notifying. I’ll look into it!

Should be fixed now!

Thanks! You’re awesome. :slight_smile:


I think the error has swung the other way now; none of the new stories are showing Stars for me now.

:right_anger_bubble: :bomb: :cloud_with_lightning: :poop:

Fixed now. For good this time, I hope.

Sorry guys…