Story Tags Pet Peeve

As an author, I take time to select the right story tags before I post a new story. So I wish I could understand why some readers feel the need to delete the story tags I’ve chosen. (Actually, I wish the readers didn’t have that power, and that an author was the only one with the option to delete the tags he’d chosen). Like, my latest one is set in a frathouse, so of course I selected “Fratboy” as one of the tags. So why the hell did someone delete that?



This really bugs me too. Honestly, not only should the author be the only one who can delete tags, I believe he should be the only one with the power to add tags too. Like you say, we take the time to select the tags we think are relevant and define our story the best. I don’t want randoms to be able to affect that.

I once had someone add ‘foot fetish’ or something to one of my stories when I mentioned a very, very minor moment where a guy is rubbing his master’s feet as part of a larger thing. I feel like people are gonna read the tags, think to themselves “well I’m not into feet” and never even click the story that they might otherwise really enjoy.


I can understand having the option to suggest new tags, since there might be tags we forgot or were unaware of, but I think the author should have the final say before any new tags are displayed.

I’ve noticed every time I post a story which has only been about 3 times, that somehow tags get deleted from them. Always the #feet tag as a matter of fact and most commonly. Is there a reason for this? Especially, since my stories always have a heavy foot theme usually. I can’t understand why anyone would delete those tags if they are so prevalent. I always have to re-add them.

I didn’t delete them.

If you don’t want anybody to change your tags, you can lock them (the small icon on the right of the tag change dialog in the story). If the tags are locked, only the author and admins can change tags.

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Oh Martin, I didn’t think that you did. The tags have been there since it was posted until later today. I was on the site earlier and they were still there. I’m just confused as to why anyone would. Thank you for getting back to me so promptly!

There are a lot of people who add or remove tags for strange reasons. I’ve had some of my stories tagged with something, even when they have little or no mention of the thing. I’ve stopped questioning why people add or remove tags…I just fix the changes whenever I disagree with them.

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That is a good rule to go by, me thinks. Thank you both for your input.

I hate when things are tagged “feminization” or “sissy” when the story does not involve becoming anything but more flamboyantly gay. Like, feminization involves more than turning into a swishy twink, which is also hot, just different.

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