Story types/genres

Hi guys.

Just wanted to see want kind of stuff you would be looking for in a story.
I haven’t been on in awhile and wanted to gauge what everyone was looking for.
I’m hoping to write some new stuff soon, and wanted to see what would go down well.

Firstly, hello. Welcome back. :slight_smile:

That said for me I like rimming, which say doesn’t get a lot of attention, at least recently. I also enjoy when a straight guy comes to enjoy the gay sex he is having, especially if his life improves dye to the mind control.

An interesting thing could also be playing with guys who are wearing blue jeans. A clothing style that I have to admit makes a guys ass very sexy.

Just some of my thoughts. :slight_smile:


You need more rimming?

Duly noted :slight_smile:

My own kinks are pretty much obvious from my stories, so I’ll not bore you with them here. But all other readers, please elaborate!


@Martin oh yeah I totally need more rimming. Especially of a dom pov rimming his good subby boy. Hehe

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I’m always VERY turned on and eager to read multiple chapters when there’s some sort of physical transformation or changes.
-Hyper-masculine qualities (muscle growth, penile size, weight gain, i love the pheromone stories
-taking on animal-like attributes

Transformation, especially when it’s unexpected to the affected subject, or when it’s non-consensual makes it even more excited.

I also enjoy themes involving magic.

Demonic stories get me so turned on and worked up…I might as well have left my precum faucet.


Hello there. One of the things I like are clothing initiated physical transformation. For example, a guy takes the clothes of another guy at the gym he is attracted to and transforms into a gay version of him. Another example perhaps a guy going into a second hand store and perhaps buying some clothing (ie. shoes, pants, shirts, socks, underwear) donated by another guy and then becoming a gay version of that guy. Maybe having the transformed guy somehow meet the guy transformed into and having sex or more?

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More sissy / feminization transformation stuff!

more pipe bear transformation stories