Story with a Game System

So I have long thought the idea of a modern day world where somehow a game System activates giving people interesting abilities could be cool. Imagine this idea in a sort of gay context - a bunch of random males one day find that in front of their eyes is a floating blue box with the words “Welcome player to the System.” They subsequently find themselves with character sheets - attributes, abilities, talents, skills, and powers - and a newfound will to use it for fun, adventure, and profit. As part of this they are given quests to complete, with some of them being sexual in nature.

From this site’s perspective I think that this could be fun in a story format. With a set of community driven stories in a shared world. We would have to come up with a common listing of characteristics so that the ‘rules’ are followed between stories.

One thing I do think would be fun is if “victory” and “success” are not based on facing or defeating other players (no PVP), rather its about having fun with the world around, including the access to certain parallel dungeon spaces with certain rules can be twisted for fun adventure.

I figured I might as well share the idea, to see if anyone else has a similar liking to this idea like I do. :slight_smile:

So not so much a story idea but in a similar vein, I had this cool idea where in a Iskai like setting (real person pulled into a game world) where they earn buffs, which alters their body and personalities (towards gayness, obviously). Little text pops up when buffs are received so the character is always aware of what buffs they receive, if not what it is when accepting them. I don’t know why but being able to see what happens to you via text but being helpless to control it is oddly erotic.

This could totally work in this System idea though.


I totally like the whole Iskai setting idea, the potential fun in a story where someone from the real world is pulled into a game world is just marvelous. The whole getting abilities through text pops is also quite an enjoyable idea.

That said I do not really like the idea of forced ability gains (minus simple logical things like gain the poisoned trait if you are poisoned) in an iskai type story. I personally prefer the main character having his being sort of protected from forced trait gains - especially negative ones.

That said the idea that as the ‘player’ gains new traits they become more and more gay does sound a bit fun actually, especially if done in an enjoyable way. (Though I do have to admit if I created a player for such a game story I would have him be gay from the onset.)

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Difference in kink direction then; Nothing wrong with that. We could also force ‘buffs’ on others as part of a mission. That makes the text pop ups easier to perceive from the character’s perspective, as the effects and text are not on their immediate person.

Oh yeah, def nothing wrong with that! There is much fun to be had when certain actions lead to buffs and or even tokens that could be used to unlock traits.

Doing certain things a minimum number of times could lead to a pop up that either activates a quest or boosts a skill or unlocks a trait. Said thing could be all the more fun.

Oh -Does that make the newer Jumanji movies a western Isekai?

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Pretty sure all the Jumanji’s are Isekai. I don’t think the genre is Japan or video game specific. The original may not be? It’s a variant at least. And yes, something can be part of a genre even when produced before the genre’s invention.

Jeehan’s the gamer right? Popular idea on spacebattles. Basically someone gets the power to treat themselves like an rpg and you can train techniques and gain exp then levels to distribute to stats from intelligence and so on.

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Like a uhhh, gay erotic version of “That Time I Got *Reincarnated as a Slime” :smiley: ?