Story with choices

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I’ve always been attracted by the idea of creating a story where readers can take part of the action. Very much like the classic series of “choose your own adventure” books, with all the excitement of being part of what’s gonna happen next but way hotter by adding all those MC and Hypno elements we all love :smiley:


Have you ever considered writing a multi-choice story with MC or Hypno elements? If you had to create one, what elements would you add? Would the main character be controller or victim? What kinks would you like to be added? Or what pros you’d see in a story written like this? :wink:


Ohhh this is a really great idea. You could shape it with different possibilities and people could choose the kinks they want. Obviously in the genre of mind control there are a lot of sub-fetishes. Some of those work for some people but are a turn off for others. Being able to craft the story around your own interests/fetishes…that could be very effective.

If I knew how to set up such a thing I would definitely give it a try, but I don’t! :stuck_out_tongue:

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The “Choose your own change” site might be just what you’re looking for. I’ve contributed to a few branches in the past:

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The frustrating part is all the dead ends and running into kinks you are not into.

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Hey! Thanks for the link! I came across the cyoc site some years ago (the places has been running for 18 years now! Wow!) but I didn’t stick there long since I’m not very attracted to Body Modification changes. But I love the fact that there’s a whole community dedicated to multi-pathed stories. Do you go there by Cris_Kane as well? I’d love to read some of your branches. Since it’s been some years, I’d like to give the site and the genre a second chance.

I recently discovered Twine, a light and easy software created for the writing of this kind of stories. I haven’t had the chance to test it much, but so far it seems promising.

Another option could be adding the choices to a regular story using links written within. But I’ve got the feeling that that could become a little bit messy.


Ah, that looks very interesting. I’ll definitely take a closer look, thanks.

Here are the chapters I added at CYOC – only eleven of them.

I think I stopped contributing for the same reason I had trouble when I tried extending “Jackie and The Malltarts” here – I’m more comfortable coming up with my own stories from scratch than continuing ones started by someone else.

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Oh I do love this, but I think the wiki in the previous versions of the site was that for. The addition of the feature to select and write your own path will not be possible in the near future since there is tons of things to do first. Also, since you mentioned Cyoc, I came across of a flood of tons of things, not very organised, most paths are just a paragraph long hahaha.

Atm, all I can think of is that you can set a base story and add at the end like a few options, a limit time so people can vote and then you use that option to write the next part. Or you can let people say what they want and you pick what you feel like its best.