Subliminal Gym Idea

So I had this idea that after a gym goes under new management the new owner asks his programmer friend (our pov character) to check the sound, visual, electronic, and internet system of the facility as there seems to be an odd disturbance.

Our main guy does so, he is a good friend after all, and soon after discovers that the disturbance is artificial. That in fact the old owner used it to subliminally program those who used his gym. He brings it to the attention of his owner friend who actually finds it intriguing. Which leads to them using it on their new guests for some sexy fun times.

Bonus points that the new gym owner is a bisexual submissive in a long standing mutual sexual relationship with our programmer pov. Which is why he found the whole thing fun.

Wanted to share and hear thoughts. :slight_smile:

A subliminal gym has been done multiple times, but your perspective (owner and techie) is unique as far as I remember.

Yeah totally. Though there are so many varieties that some have components I don’t like.

That said, the fact that the subliminal programming and whole mind control operation was not started by them is intriguing. They found it and decided to make use of it.


With the big beefy tough looking masculine gym owner submitting to his nerdy but dominant friend. Hehe


Your description of the story sounds interesting, but it also sounds like the denouement. To know what is going to happen and then watching it play out does not sound very intriguing to me, unless the playout does not go as expected. Rather, mysterious things should be happening at the gym, and the sound/internet system is eventually found to be the reason. That follows a more familiar story arc - by not knowing what’s happening and taking the reader through the steps needed to discover.

Hmm. What an interesting idea. So very interesting.

So maybe the new muscle owner might start feeling a bit more subby then he normally does when not playing ‘games’ with his friend. The friend notices not just him but some others while visiting the gym.

This leads to certain shocking, surprising, but sexually fun encounters at the gym. All of which slowly lead to questions that something is going on.

Then after a storm the tech friend is asked to repair something that went out. Which leads to the discovery of the subliminal programming.

Could be interesting. Hehe

So thanks to the idea. :slight_smile:

Don’t care if it’s been done a million and one times. I love those types of stories. Maybe throw in some fetish stuff some leather and bondage. Just from my personal point of view, having the gym patrons becoming dumber, hairier and submissive bottoms would be fun.

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@zenpirate2006 I totally agree. The design and plot elements can be repeated and ate totally fun.

I also agree that some fetish elements would make for a nice addition. Especially of such mental changes last only at the gym, outside they are their normal selves.

The problem I often have with the setup is that it goes from subliminal programming to hookup site. And yes I think there’s a distinct difference. You don’t need the Mind Control element if it’s basically a place where everyone can discreetly hang out show off and then hook up either in the steam room and or just at one of the outside easy access residences.
Instead you need to focus on actual setting which not only means the material in the gym the way it outlines but the way that it operates and especially the people who populated. And hear things are going to get even more trying because I know it’s incredibly tempting to make it an all-male environment where hookups are as easy as putting text to screen. I’m afraid this is going to mean that even when the focus isn’t on the two or three or however many people you want to hook up that you want to take your time and slowly develop things as is. Make sure that you have a genuinely diverse set of attendees and have them react along the same direction but in different ways. That takes advantage of the fact that this is a gym environment as opposed to a club. And that it’s public and presumably a business.
for instance what are the initial subliminal influences? Have they possibly been affecting the owner? Now I personally think that you can make the entire Discovery complete with a hook up and or encounter the first part or chapter. And then slowly develop things as things change and they start to understand the system and its effect and limits. The first chapter should be about those who attend how the gym is handled and who runs it and why. You can set up their personalities looks and goals.

After that you can perhaps have an incident that then leads to an encounter or the discovery. You can even parallel them. Where the adjustments that are made on whatever it is that’s doing the programming are reflected in the attendees and the staff. It ends with our two main characters understanding what they’ve got and making some ideas. Afterwards you can do time skips where you can set up the effect on the overall cast while then moving on to the specific encounter that you’re setting up for the individual part. With particular emphasis through the perspective of our Mainstays the programmer and the owner. This sets up a nice ever-expanding episodic / Anthology sort of series. It also allows you to set up a lot of tension in anticipation allowing you to build to a nice Climax and encounter.
For instance always have some complications like as an example obviously the trainers in the long term workers or attendees will take to the programming differently than the people who just come in for an hour or so. If the gym has different focuses with different Acoustics or different means of influence then chances are that means that they can’t do everything to everyone completely all at once. And then of course without necessarily getting their direct perspective there’s the final girl or the person who might or might not be catching on. And what they’re going to do to influence things. If you make it over all narratively interesting you can stand out with also having a place where various hot dudes bulking up workout and hook up

With their progress and change in Behavior affecting the overall environment carefully as well as the effect on themselves. For me mind control is fun when it uses the fact that well there’s something that’s happening in people’s heads or Minds that they’re doing that they both don’t understand and yet may feel comfortable with. They suddenly wake up in a place in a state of dress that they don’t remember. Or they feel different or altered state. Maybe when they enter the gym they take on a different personality or they find their personality suppressed or different. One thing that I’ve had in my head is the idea of someone who uses self-hypnosis in order to replace their self-determination. And at first it works but then they find themselves weirdly waking up in the middle of workouts. They find that their overall change and behavior is gone from willing to involuntary.
Their mind and emotions has changed. They feel the change but they aren’t able to completely resist it. And after a while perhaps they don’t want to. All too often this is to truncated where suddenly mind control and then before you know it they’re going to Ye Olde local sex shop hooking up on the generic gear and then acting things out perfectly. This can even work but for me it’s the difference between transition into role Part 2 to … well it’s hard for me to call out one that I’d say it’s sufficiently bad at it that I would be dissatisfied. I would still say Brawdley that the best group or Mass mental though there’s way more physical transformation is done by Christina Prince. And she mostly focuses on heterosexual hookups where the women become big dictated sudo horny pastiches on God Guns and gushing. Though the transformation of the men into horny super Alpha Bulls is such that I’ve always never felt that neglected. But I recommend her work at the very least 4 if not the exact same feel and style than the process that she uses even with relatively flat characters that give the greater impression of being in a box and programmed.

That’s a great one because it involves the full court press of everything from Magic food to apparently an AI that imitates and indoctrinates a housewife over the phone.
But ideally that’s what I’m looking at. You’re doing this primarily through mind control and suggestion. You’re going to have to make arrangements for something that works for a large audience that’s going to be very diverse and you’re going to have your cast of characters react to and compensate for these differences. All the stage manager because we can see all the people converge while at the exact same time retaining their distinction.

Review of cristina price and her male counterpart Charles wallace

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