Subscribing to Authors and Series

There’s the option to subscribe to authors and series.

This option is only available to users who are sponsoring GaySpiralStories on the “Special Features” tier!

When you’ve subscribed to an author or a series, you’ll get an email notification each time a new story is added by that author or, respectively, a new chapter to the subscribed series.

Optionally, you can even activate an option that the whole story text is included in that mail, which allows you to read the stories offline.

As an additional bonus, you can activate a global filter, which restricts the lists to subscribed authors and series. The following screenshot shows how it looks if this filter is active:


To subscribe to an author, you can flip the switch below that author’s avatar:


You can also see that same switch on the author’s profile page.

To subscribe a series, you can flip the switch shown on the series listing:


Again, the switch is also available on the series summary.

Please note that all these controls will only be visible once you’re an active sponsor for the “Special Features” tier and your account is linked to Sponsus!

You can link your account on this page.

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That’s super cool. Will authors know they are being followed?

Not yet, but this can be added easily!