Suggestion: Filter/Search for stories with no tags (looking for hidden treasures)

Long time reader, first time poster :stuck_out_tongue:

Have been reading stories on here for quite a long time now. Sometimes, I feel like I almost runs out things that I am interested in reading, especially when searching with a combination of tags.

I’d like the ability to look for stories that has very few or no tags at all. Hopefully, have a look at the (older) stories that haven’t been (properly) tagged yet.

I have no idea how many untagged stories are there. So it might not be worthwhile as a feature. It might just be a blog post with links is enough to cover all of them. :woman_shrugging:

Also, thanks you so much Martin and everyone that have/had been maintaining this site.


I 100% agree with this idea. I’ve always wondered if there are stories out there I’m missing out on, because frankly at this point I’ve read everything that’s tagged with anything I like.

Actually, that’s the exact reason why I added the “stories from the archives” feature. At first I wanted exclusively uncategorized and/or untagged stories to be featured there.

I changed my mind, obviously, but as it is, this is still a great place to discover untagged and/or uncategorized stories. Each week a new chance actually :slight_smile:

I just wish people would take the chance to actually ADD tags and categories to those stories. That’s why this can be done by anyone, not just the author.

What I could add easily, though, is a new menu entry, which lists stories which are in need of a category or more tags. That would also be exactly what you’re looking for, wouldn’t it?


I quite like the “stories from the archives” feature, it gets me to re-read some of the old stories.

Yes, that would be exactly what I was thinking. :slight_smile:

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I’ve added a new menu item which should accommodate your request :slight_smile:

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