Swizzington is AWOL?

One of our most renowned writers, @Swizzington has gone AWOL since quite some time now…

I hope you’re well and all is fine? We’re missing you!


He’s still around. We just exchanged a few e-mails about two weeks ago. He’s still writing, just nothing is at a point where he wants to release it yet. I can relate.


“One of our most renowned writers” - LOL. I wouldn’t go nearly that far, but thanks. :slight_smile:

I didn’t publish anything for a year and a half from the middle of 2018 to the beginning of 2020, so this type of content drought isn’t too unusual for me to be honest.

Currently no plans to publish anything new, but never say never!


I was about to say he’s around between work life and fine tuning a story or just writing when he can he’s around just not posting and he talks to me fairly often. But he has already beat us to the punch and your one of my favorites as I’m sure many other people Swizzington. I’ve introduced several people to this site through your stories or JayBird or Happy Ending but mostly yours.

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