Tag autofill question

When I was tagging my latest submission I chose:

1st person

All of these tags sort of “auto filled” themselves, like, often I’ll start to write a word, then wait for the tag filter to “try finish it” and that’s when I know I’m not using a tag for the first time.


I swear to god, ‘Death’ came up as a tag when I typed it. I remember because I also tried “Pirate” but pirate was not a tag and I abandoned the idea of using it as a tag. But now Death is showing up as me being it’s only user (a one off tag).

Did something change in the last 24 hours here, or am I gone daft and I hallucinated the memory of returning a hit with ‘Death’ but not with ‘Pirate’?

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Death was created from scratch, it didn’t exist before. So better hold back your oath :slight_smile:

If it’s meant to refer to the mystical creature “Death”, I don’t mind that tag.

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In this instance it’s “Story contain characters who die, as part of the main theme of the plot”

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If you really think that this is such an essential part of the story and that people would search for it…

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They wouldn’t, I was just more gonna include it as a thematic warning.

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