Tag Updates

I was wondering if it was possible to get updates for when a tag was added to a story? Or to search a tag and sort the stories by when that tag was added?
It’d be useful for seeing if a tag was added to an older story without having to look through a load of results.
I don’t know how realistic or doable this is.
Many thanks.

As a matter of fact, you should already get a notification when someone has altered the tags to one of your stories.

Just like you should get notified when someone is writing a comment to your story or when you submit a story and it’s been approved.

If you don’t get those emails, they might be blocked by some spam filter and you should check your spam folder and whitelist gayspiralstories.com

Maybe I misunderstood your request: You want to see which stories a given tag has been added to recently, correct? That’s actually not that easy, as the system doesn’t track when (timestamp) a tag has been added.

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Oh right ok, yeah it was what’s in your edit that I was asking. Thank you for the response, it’s not an important feature anyway. I really appreciate everything you do for the site :slight_smile: