Tags not filtered


I’m wondering if there’s a way to filter stories tagged with incest and under age content. I’ve noticed that these tags are missing from the blocked tags option. I have my account set to “safe” but these stories still show up in the search.

Is there a way to filter them completely?




I’ve tried it again to confirm what you just said. And it’s working as intended:

If the safe mode is on, stories which are tagged with the problematic tags are still listed, but the stories themselves are not shown and they have a red marking in the listings.

The offending tags cannot be selected for filtering either while safe mode in on.

So you have to disable the safe mode and then you can select all the tags manually you want to block out. Stories filtered like this won’t show up anywhere, including the lists.

But I want to explicitly mention, that we don’t have an “underage” tag. For various reasons: We don’t want people to be able to search for underage explicitly and we don’t want to attract these either. Also: There is no universal definition what “underage” actually means.

So we only have tags like “teen” or “boy”, which also can include a 19 year old (boy is even used for way older guys anyway). And also, as I’ve stated many times, we don’t allow any stories involving pre- or early puberty people. I am not aware of any story explicitly describing anyone younger than 16. And in general I prefer people not mention the exact age anyway. “High school senior” is way better anyway, and then anyone can assume they’re 18.

Thanks for clarifying all this for the newbie.

And many thanks for your work with the site, Martin!

Thanks, and you’re welcome!

I’ve made a small change that allows tags blocked from Safe Mode to be additionally added to your manually blocked lists, too. So you can get of those stories from all lists, too, if you want.