The fickle muse

Where do you guys tend to get your inspiration? I’m trying to get back into writing a ton, but I’ve always taken my inspiration from current happenings in baseball, and frankly, I haven’t been watching very much baseball, so I don’t have as many ideas as I’m used to having. I feel now like I need to watch more to get the inspiration I used to have. (I feel like I’m not very creative - story ideas have historically been dropped into my lap.)

I found that my main interest has shifted away from modern day and towards the early days of baseball, think 1880-1920. I know all about the players of the time and their relationship dynamics and all, and I have about a million ideas of how I’d make them fuck, but then I think I’m going a little TOO niche. Lol. I did it once and had great fun with it, but I think once is enough.

How about you guys? Where do you get your inspiration? Does it ever twist in strange ways?

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Historical fiction is, perhaps, niche, but can be a lot of fun in very hot ways! Maybe I’m too much a sucker for that kind of thing to be a good judge, but a turn-of-the-century baseball setting strikes me as loaded with possibilities.


I was researching a story when I stumbled across the subject that would become my latest novel. Inspiration can come from anywhere — listen, the muses are always singing…

Write what you’re passionate about — if you write it, they will cum.


Thanks, Absman. Yeah, I probably am going to be uploading some historical stories again… can’t help it! Alongside some modern day stuff, including a sequel to an old story that I’ve been meaning to write for ages and ages and ages and never have. I’ve gotten a good start, so hopefully that’ll come along. Sometimes you’ve got to push it.

For me it can be a photo, and one of my stories was a comment that was given to me as i got off a tram

I’m replying to this topic because I don’t want to make a whole new thread for this, but I had a story idea recently that I wanted to make sure is okay with people. A story where there’s sort of a pseudo-genderbend? A guy remains male and stays in his male body, and so the sex between him and another man is, objectively speaking, gay sex, but through the magic of the story, everyone is perceiving him as a woman and treating him as such (and he is thus susceptible to sexism, stereotypes, and all that goes along with it, etc). Is that problematic on either front - which is to say either offensive, or inappropriate for the site? Or both?

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That seems completely within the bounds of this site (and really interesting). Its basically like everyone is hypnotized into percieving him as a woman, so that seems on theme.

Plus “gay sex” is honestly much more vague than people like to think. Some men (in both fiction and real life) have vaginas (as you know), and there’s plenty of those on this site. That’s not even going into all the types of Sex that aren’t anal or only involve one (or less) dick.

Looking forward to see where you go with this.

I’m not sure whether or not some would find it offensive, but I like the idea and I can say that I’ve had some fantasies/story ideas that are similar. I’ve definitely felt the struggle of “would it be super problematic for me to write this?”

For instance, one idea I’ve been toying with is having a gay protagonist in a relationship with a bi guy, quarantined in their shared dorm while at a magic academy. The gay protagonist, learning about body modification, tries to spice up the monotony by bringing body mods into the bedroom, but even that gets a little boring after a few months so the protag asks bi boyfriend if he has any ideas. Bi boyfriend says he might be interested having sex with a woman / more female presenting partner. Protag is receptive to the idea and does what he can - limited by his own skill level, he is not able to give himself a vagina (I’m not super into the men sprouting vaginas trope) but he can make himself impotent, give himself breasts, wider hips, longer hair… The twist is that after this, protag learns that bf is super sexist and treats him completely differently when he presents more as a woman. Add a magical mishap forcing the changes to hold longer than intended (like a month instead of just one night), and then even after protag reverts back to normal, bf is still treating him with the same sexist attitudes.

I’ve hesitated to pursue the writing of it, because I can see how it could come off as glamorizing misogyny / maybe even transmisogyny. Especially for me (a cis man) to be writing it. It kind of feels like when a rich person wants to look poor for the ~aesthetic~. Like, it feels messed up to fantasize about being treated like a housewife (in a bad way) or being catcalled when historically those are real things a lot of women have experienced. Also I could see this particular idea being perceived as trans fetishization, which I don’t really want to be contributing to.

That being said, I hold the opinion that sexual fantasy lives in a special part of our minds, and it is possible to have problematic fantasies without being a problematic person. I mean, this site is dominantly about nonconsensual fantasy, but the vast majority of us would never want to be involved in a true nonconsensual situation in real life.

I absolutely think the kind of story you’ve described is appropriate for the site, and it sounds like a story I would be into. I’ll note that my story, The Magic Mouthwash, kind of stemmed from a similar idea - magic makes it so people can’t help but perceive a guy’s mouth as sexual. I partially got the idea from the notion/stereotype that straight men can’t look at a woman without objectifying her and imagining having sex with her.

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