The Mask

Long time reader, first time poster.

I am not much of a writer but I have a lot of ideas, most of course revolving around fetishes of mine. One big turn on for me is the movie The Mask and the scenes in which the mask is put on and attaches to Jim Carrey’s face and essentially controls him. I would love a story with a similar premise. A similar mask or a rubber gimp hood attaching itself and turning the protagonist into some kind of horny sex freak perhaps with powers would be amazing.

Gimp masks and being controlled by articles of clothing that are usually somewhat sexually arousing are really big turn on. Similar stories include:

Master Ardon by an anonymous writer
Clothing Perfects The Man by MasterJerker
The Jockey Destinies series by Hypnothrill
Intellithong by Hypnothrill
Wear Me! by Hypnocigarboy
The Meetup by Hypnocigarboy

If someone were interested in writing a story along the lines of what I am describing, it would be a dream come true. I wish I had the talent to do it myself. Otherwise… anyone share these feelings?

I understand your reservations about writing your own story, it can be daunting to sit there staring at a blank screen. You can almost feel it staring back at you saying…“so…now what?”. But I’d like to recommend that you give it a shot. Anything that someone else creates will never tick every box as well as a story that you have put your own stamp on.
One suggestion to help get you started would be that you lead in with this same comment, that you’re not a writer but have an interest in starting it, and then, make your story and “open” one which can be edited by other users. If you get enough of a good premise down it’s possible that other people may pick it up and run with it or at least help you fill it out.
In most cases writing is a solitary task, but there is nothing saying that it can’t be shared!

Give it a shot, you never know until you try!
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