The Sound of His Voice

Even on a site about hypnosis, domination, control, etc., I get why stories can’t really delve into sounds - it’s hard to convey, unless you have a reference the reader will get (“sounded like Morgan Freeman”).

But just wanted to take a moment to appreciate the sexy voice. And I’m not talking “sexy” in the stereotypical sense, the phone-sex sense, I’m talking about the voices that, for whatever reason, for reasons we can’t put our finger on, they just… do it for us.

Like, I have a work colleague in another city whom I usually interact with on the phone (one of my rare group calls that isn’t a video Zoom meeting) and his voice has always just done it for me. It’s soft, a little raspy, very measured. Like, I want to hear him tell me how to finger his hole.
So when I finally saw him in person - and he’s a perfectly nice-looking guy, his appeal immediately catapulted up a level beyond just looks because he was that voice I’d been pleasurably listening to all those months.

Of course, I suppose you could have the opposite reaction as well when you meet someone and their looks don’t match the appeal their voice alone had…

Anyway, my thought of the day…