The Thing : Superheroes Enslaved! Removed, sold and abandon on Amazon

Like seriously, what I find annoying is that a story ppl invested in reading for so long got removed.

It’s going to be commercialized then that’s fine. But to remove everything and just abandon commercialization project half way through and make it lost forever is just tragic and selfish.

I have copies of all the chapters just in case, but it may go against the author’s will or the site policy.

Someone contact Kyle Chu or Steven Chu or to continue his project or I’ll upload it for ppl to read it for free.

That would be really uncool. I’m not a huge fan of pulling down previously posted work so it can be charged for, but ultimately it’s the authors call and posting it without their consent is the wrong move.


The stories are all still in our database, they’re just hidden from the public.

But it’s the author’s right to pull their work whenever they please. It’s their work and they still hold the copyright technically.

So all you can do is to ask Steven Chu in a polite way. And enjoy the stories you’ve saved privately.

Actually, we should be happy for every author who can make a bit of money with his work. In the end we all gain from this. See @absman420 or @Nocturne13.


The problem is not whether he sells it. In fact i bought his work.

The problem I have is for someone to sell it after pulling it off and just went silent because whatever reason like it doesnt sell as much as he wants or etc.

I did try to contact him several times several platform, and no response for months now.
But as long as it is in your database then i have nothing to worry then.

I understand, but if he disappeared there’s always the chance that something happened that made it difficult for him to publish more books or answer your attempts to contact him.

Let’s just hope he’s ok.


Wait, is that the one where various Marvel heroes get turned into sex slaves? How the heck can he get away with selling that on Amazon?

I feel the need to include @KyleChu’s tag here, so he’s notified of this thread :slight_smile:

Nope its all original. Well written story albeit grammatical error sometimes.

Nah. I believe you’re thinking of “Avengers of Thanos” by RotherhamMan

Could it possibly be that the author has passed away or somehow become incapacitated. If they haven’t reached out to you that may very well be the case. I think that possibility is something to consider. With regards to authors and their stories, I agree with Martin. Every writer owns their stories and can do whatever they want with it.

I consider that, but if thats the case, wouldnt the story just be lost and lock away forever?

When you buy a story, it seems reasonable you should expect to be able to read it. Kindle’s licensing agreement is actually not that straight forward, but I have it on good authority that it’s a big deal directive from Besos even that a customer’s digital book purchases never get removed and are always available.

But! Just because you bought part 1 of a story doesn’t obligate the author to write part 2. Just because you read part 1 somewhere doesn’t obligate the author to make that content available forever. It’s their content and their life and they can do what they want.

Yes, it sucks when an author posts up to Part X of a story and never continues it. Especially when you’ve spent a lot of time and developed feelings as a result of reading the story. It’s deeply unsatisfying. And also a dick move by the author.

None of that changes things. They own the story and can take it down from free sites or paid sites, or choose to not finish it, if they want.

I am not a huge fan of that, so depending, will not start reading certain stories until I know they are finished.

Possibly worse than this is when an author does the reverse and just keeps publishing even though they’ve clearly lost all interest and really suck. coughRobert Jordan after book 3cough

He already finished the story here and then took it out.

Dont know why he says he doesnt have time when it’s already done and the edit didn’t change much grammar wise

When I was 1st starting to post, I had to good fortune to receive guidance from Kyle Cicero. One thing he insisted I keep as a rule was: Always finish your stories. He said we take the reader on a journey and it’s our obligation to see it to conclusion. This is not, and again let me emphasize the word " not" , a criticism of any other author. It is just something that I learned early from someone I admired . One I keep as my rule of thumb. As for pulling stories off the net and then putting them for sale, I have to repeat. It’s their stuff and they can do whatever they want with it.