The Thing : Superheroes Enslaved! Series Discussion

Hello everyone, Spiral Fan is here. I’m so happy that The Thing : Superheroes Enslaved! series which I worked beginning with Voyeur Fan and now with Kyle Chu got a lot of love and support from all of you. Thanks a lot for all the love, and keep supporting us because there are still many things that I and Kyle Chu want to share with you :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Anyway, now we already reach chapter 4 and I and Kyle Chu want to know what’s your feeling about the story, or do you have any idea especially for the enslavement scenario, how the villain enslave the hero, etc. I and Kyle Chu already make a whole plot of the story, but I’m sure all of you maybe have any good ideas to make our story better! And if you want to know, some of the scenes in the story is based on the comments of the readers. So, if you have any good ideas that we haven’t think about it please say it. We will consider it.

And the last, I want to make a survey who are your favorite characters until now. You can choose on the poll below, and you may choose more than one character. In addition, maybe you can explain why you like him (yes, of course there is no her here!) ((Martha cough and still cry in her apartment)) :rofl: :rofl:

  • Rory/Smart Brain/Evil Brain
  • Dr.P
  • Jack/Frost/Whiteout
  • Mateo/Flare/Blaze
  • Victor/Captain Titanium/Terminator
  • Rald/The Elder/The Corruptor
  • Gray/Mammal Boy/Beast
  • Ronald

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I love writing about all these heroes (now villains) and their descent to the dark side and I genuinely love every single character.

Personally, my favorite hero/villain is Captain Titanium/The Terminator. I just love his kinky, life support suit. Its something that I don’t mind being incarcerated in.

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I haven’t seen enough of each hero in their corrupted selves to say I like one more than another. I think when we see that I’ll be able to say which I’m leaning towards.

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Indeed. His titanium suit is the best kinky costume right? :tongue::sweat_drops:

Oh yeah I understand. Maybe for now you can vote them based on their original appearance and character when they’re still a hero :slight_smile:

Hey New_Guy! I didn’t know you were following my story along. I’m so glad you are on board here! It’s been a while since we got an update for Bargain. Hows the writing going?

Hey Kyle,

School’s back in session and we’re meeting in person (despite my utter protests against reopening) so I’ve got a lot on my plate right now; so writing is on hold until winter break. Definitely have ideas for all the stories I’ve got up and some new ones I want to write. So please be patient; I’ll get back to writing when time permits.

No pressure, my friend! Good luck with your studies and I hope you stay safe out there! When you post an update I will be one of the people eagerly reading your stories!

Thanks for the support; I’m the one in front of the students, not sitting with them.

Thats good to hear! Well I hope you have an awesome semester. Good luck with your studies, New_Guy. I hope you’ll still have time to follow our series, though. Your support is much appreciated and I hope you’re having a great time following the adventures of Evil Bran and the rest of The Infinite Heroes!

It looks like there’s only 2 superheroes left, Liberty Star and Bolt, but Ronald didn’t have a superhero name so I guess there’s more superheroes out there.

I’m looking forward to what you do with the whole team. Will there be a happy ending for the heroes? Part of me hopes not, since its so juicy to watch them suffer, but having them win sets them up for future stories.

It’s great to have you join us, Larry! It always makes me happy meeting people that like reading my writing! I’m glad to hear that you’re enjoying all the heroes’ ‘suffering,’ although, I would argue that they weren’t condemned to suffering at all, instead their transformation was an opportunity to open their eyes to the pleasures of the dark side, lol.

I hope you stick with us until the very end to find out what each character’s fate will be by the end of the series!

Why is everything removed?

Because @Spiral_Fan asked us to remove the stories.

Hi Alsace. I want to commercialize this series, so I decided to delete all the chapters. The first volume is already published yesterday on Amazon. Here is the link you can read it for free if you have Kindle Unlimited account. This first book is from the first chapter that I already add some additional scenes to make the story more complete. I plan to publish other chapters soon, and maybe merge some chapters into a book.

Please also give rate and review on goodreads here First Conquest (Superheroes Enslavement, #1) by Stephen Chu if you don’t mind. Thanks!

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Are you guys planning to finish the collection on Amazon? Cause if not, I have copies of text before you remove your story from the site.

So that other ppl can read it and finish the story.

I did have a side story that I wanted to write that involved a certain portion of the story. If I could get that section of the story I’d be happy and could go forward. So I would like to see the text, if that’s ok with Kyle Chu.