The three components of a successful himbo

I’ve seen versions of this graphic floating around, and it made me laugh, but also made me think of this site. I thought I’d share it here and see what you all think? It’s a fun way to think about the concept of a “himbo”, though I think that Spiral stories don’t always use the word in the same way.

Kind of related: I could see a fun story where some guy gets hold of these three “traits”, but they aren’t always active at the same time. So he’d develop a different personality depending on what combo of traits are active.

Or, if you go the Powerpuff Girls route: Kind. Beefy. Stupid. These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect himbo. But then Professor Utonium accidentally added an EXTRA INGREDIENT to the concoction… CHEMICAL X!


This is hilarious, and awesome.

So I am into many different body types in stories, from jocks to frats to bears to twinks to all sorts of ones you can think of, for the most part anyway. Buuut there is something super special in the super beefed up, masculine muscle guy who really is a moaning, needy slutty super bottom. hehe


What a great concept. Its got me pondering a new story. Thanks Nutiper

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I first read the term “himbo” when reading Himringo like a while ago, and I honestly didn’t even think the term was used outside of contexts like gss or other erotic stories… I thought it exclusively meant the beefy, needy bottom that Heru describes lol.

I was so confused when I first read it being used in a different context - which was only just fairly recently I feel like? Since then, I feel like it’s a lot more commonly used.

You might not have heard it before, but “himbo” and variants like “mimbo” has been around for at least 25 years. (In 1994, there was a Seinfeld episode about Elaine’s boyfriend Tony, who was a “male bimbo” or “mimbo” for short). It could be defined in different ways, but it basically means a man who’s attractive, but superficial and not very bright.

It was the Seinfeld label that inspired my “MIMBO DROPS” – I learned the term “Himbo” a couple of years later and greatly preferred it, but I owe my exposure to the word/concept to Seinfeld (in its original run… I’m THAT old.)

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And actually Absman, your story Mimbo Drops inspired my story Pequoia, because I thought “huh where would you come up with a drug that makes guys like that”. And then I thought about the old Kristen Bjorn classic Amazon Adventures, then the story basically wrote itself from there. (And I’m thinking about finally releasing additional parts.)


Pequoia!!! An old favorite!!

Releasing additional parts, you say… Well, that’s very exciting news indeed…!