The Vault of unpublished stories

Has anyone else got a “vault” of stories they’ve written but have no one to share them with? I’ve got many. Some of them don’t fit the parameters of the site (no hypnosis, excessive violence, etc.) and some do fit the site theoretically but I just don’t feel comfortable posting them. Has anyone else got sort of a “vault” of these stories? Is there any place people recommend sharing things that don’t fit on the site for those reasons?

Also, if anyone just wants to chat I’m around. I’ve been gone for several weeks and have been mentally going through some things here and there. Now I’m back around, thankfully.


I have a vault of unfinished stories, but that’s about the closest I can get to what you’re describing. Hell, some of them are all but finished, but somehow, I’ve just never gotten around to writing that one last scene or whatever it is that the story needed.

Are you going to join us at the Discord Server again?

I’m glad that you’re better now. Just let us know if you need any help.


Hey Martin. I may, I may not. I’m not certain. I’m taking some time off, I think. I need to sort out a lot of personal issues in my life. Nothing serious, mostly totally in my own head, but it has to be done. Odds are I’ll join the Discord server again soon - it just may be a bit.

Thanks for your support and your caring, though, Martin. It means a hell of a lot. You’re a great and very caring person and I appreciate you checking in. Best of wishes.

Yes, I have a ‘vault’ of those too, although mostly it’s unfinished stories.

I think I answered a similar question in Discord about where to put stories that don’t fit on GSS. Here are the sites I visit - there are surely other notable ones I’m not aware of.

  • Nifty Archive - general story site
  • Literotica - general story site
  • MetalbondNYC - gay-male-only BDSM stories.
  • - gay stories; site has ended up with more stories in certain themes like fantasy, sci-fi, superhero.
  • GrometsPlaza - breaks down stories by theme - many different themes including BDSM, robot, latex, vore etc.
  • UtopiaStories - mixed genders (not gay exclusive), commonly BDSM themed.

I really hope you’ll be able to sort everything out! Just remember that you’re not alone.

I’m really looking forward to see you again!



I’ve actually got one semi-finished story queued up on GSS because it’s waiting for the authors of the Supernatural contest to be unmasked!

I’ve also got an Evernote notebook full of all sorts of stuff, from shitty trash I wrote more than seven years ago to the one-off stories I’ve put out alongside Nanites Amok.

Same. I have lots of WIP. I actually finished 1 chapter of a 3 part story, but I’m not sure I want to submit it yet.