Time Travel Mind Control

What do you guys think of a story about someone falling back in time and deciding to create a fellowship/harem of mind controlled knights/vikings?

I’d love to read that.


I would like to see a time traveler to bring futuristic ways to dominate knights and vikings to have some fun but always being careful not to mess up with the timeline.

It sounds promising! I wouldn’t mind reading a story like that either. It’d be different for sure. But depending on how realistic one wants the story to be, it would also imply some small research from the author. Unless it’s written from a fantasy point of view, of course. That should make it easier.

Maybe the guy doing it doesn’t care about the timeline and decides to do whatever he wants to live comfortably in this new time period.

Personally I think people who wish to be god-kings in the past are nuts. Farewell Netflix, antibiotics and the best performances of the best artists in the world, summoned at your whim at 3 AM with the press of a button. Welcome uneducated company, exotic disease, discomfort and the kind of nightlife you get with very small towns and no electricity.

To enjoy that instead of clubbing in Berlin 3000 AD you really have to get off on control. Might make a hot story, of course. Still, as already said, research would make it a lot better, but significantly harder to write. Also, might be fun (but rather less strokable) to emphasize mutual culture shock. By all means go for it, someone.

Were I to do it, I’d probably go for the viewpoint of a chaste timecop from the era of crystal spires, togas and abstinence, hunting the temporal criminal pervert. Delightfully unsuccessfully, of course.

I’ve thought of something along those lines before, though not in any great detail. My vague idea was to have a time traveller who was captain of a British or Colonial ship, and some or all of the sailors (pirates, maybe?) were his subs. Another time traveller, who was trying to hunt him down and return him to his own time, ends up becoming a sub as well. Sort of Timecop meets Pirates of the Caribbean…with hypnosis. :wink: You’ve now read about all the thought I’ve ever put into it, though, and I’m busy working on other stories right now, so don’t expect anything soon.

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What if they were forced to give up the modern world, like a spell gone awry, and had to make the best of their situation?

Then there should be another one who would be there to fix whats broken because of what @Viridian said

@UchihaDEMS @Viridian
I think you guys would think about this far harder then I would. I would probably just use time travel as plot device meant to get the character from A to B. An excuse for a modern protagonist to create a new life for themselves in the past and damn the consequences. I think I wouldn’t want to get bogged down in how the timeline gets messed up because of the plot holes it would create although I admit that’s really unavoidable when dealing with time travel unless it creates a parallel timeline.

Do as you please, it’s your story~

I know, but that doesn’t mean I’m not interested in your opinions too and would eagerly read anything that you or someone else wrote in this category.

I know, and thanks, I was just saying that you don’t have to be bothered either way :3

What about a time manipulator that saves soldiers from the battlefield an instant before they are to die, but there is a price. He freezes time, appears to them and says:
“If I save your life, it belongs to me. You will be mine.”

He then brainwashes them and makes them change their identity to avoid messing with the timeline.

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Did you get that idea from the Doctor Who Christmas special? :stuck_out_tongue: It’s something I would certainly enjoy reading!

Probably a combination of that and the news. :sweat_smile: