To Line on Emails

Morn’n Martin,

This is a slightly nitpicky detail… Could emails that are sent by GSS please include a To: line in the headers?

I have an email from April 21 where there was not a To line in the headers. (The email was routed based on the envelope address.)


Can you tell me which email you meant exactly? Just send it to me in a PM.

the bcc address is used when sending mails to more than one person to make sure that the receiving persons don’t get to see each other’s addresses. It’s a privacy matter. I could also send individual emails, but sending one email with a list of bcc addresses is easier.

Are these mails filtered out on your end?

Hi Martin,

I sent the message to you as a PM.

And yeah it did get filtered out as suspected spam, primarily because of the missing To header.

Kinky Nick

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And also FWIW, I generally tend to see the practice when using BCC: to send a message to a lot of people is to put a To: field with the address in the sending domain, then what happens when the message gets delivered there is upto you… (I recommend committing it to write only memory, its the most efficient method of managing it.)

I’ve changed the way emails are sent. Mails to story owners are now sent as individual mails and mass mails (like notifications for new stories) are sent like you suggested, i.e. with my own maintenance email address as the primary “to:” addressee and the users on bcc.

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Thank you Martin!