Tommy Trash TIM slave blog

TIM is doing a blog series about this guy being a full free-use, permanently locked bottom slave. It reads a lot like something from GSS, except there’s clearly some “realness” to it: there are photos of the guy and from what I can tell, he was doing porn stuff long before this. His TIM “initiation” is to take 100 loads, so his blog posts are him outlining those. I suspect his character is also supposed to be writing some of the other posts, like the “10 tips to deepthroating.”

It’s a pretty hot concept. Has anyone seen something like this before? Like, I’ve seen some OFs that get pretty kinky and descriptive, but there’s a clear attempt at narrative-ish storytelling and character building here, and backed by a big porn studio. Anyway, I read the first post and thought it seemed similar to a lot of stories on this site, so thought I’d share:

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