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Does your role/sexual preference differ inside fantasy vs. reality? I.e. Are you the smug jock getting toppled and turned bottom or the nerd growing muscles topping him? Or somewhere in between? Or are you the voyeur?

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Yes, it differs on occasion…in different ways, amusingly enough.

For starters, in reality, I can’t bottom without a lot of pain, most likely due to oversensitization from decades of undiagnosed Celiac. In fantasy, however, I used to occasionally imagine getting fucked, although it was a rare fantasy when I was younger, and I haven’t really thought along those lines in many years.

On the flip side of that, despite not really fantasizing about subbing anymore, I would still probably enjoy doing it, provided bottoming per se wasn’t part of it. I’m definitely mostly a Dom/Top, and that’s what I fantasize about exclusively at this point, but I do enjoy subbing in reality once in a while.

My characters do anal so much more than I do.

That said, many of my sex scenes are inspired by a real life moments. And most of my scenes where a guy hits on another dude are lifted straight from life.

It’s funny, my husband will read my stories and ask me if I want to bottom more, because of the arcs of most of my protagonists.

The fact is most of my stories start out as masturbation fantasies or role play. There are some that are based on real life or real life situations, but most are just images or fantasies that I’ve “fleshed out.”


Sorry for the second reply, but I didn’t even think of how my own fantasies compare to my stories. Like absman420, my stories start as masturbation fantasies, usually, then develop from there. So, the hypnotists in my stories often share my preferences. I try to vary it up a little, though, giving them an interest or lack of interest that I don’t share (e.g., in WoT, Peter has a thing for very large butt toys, where I’m not big on butt toys at all).

The one glaring difference between the hypnotists in my stories and myself is that IRL, I have no interest in hypnosis at all. It’s the non-consent, the deviousness, and the obliviousness that draw me to hypnosis in fantasy, but in reality, I’m all about consent, I find it almost impossible to lie or be devious, and complete hypnotic obliviousness, to the point of not even realizing a hypnotist is doing anything at all, is rare.


Personally I’m much more vers IRL, but when it specifically comes to MC/hypno fantasy stuff, I almost always envision myself as the top/dom. I think its because its the specific aspect of having control over others with this kink that brings out that side of me much more

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I primarily bottom IRL, at least in recent years, and I’m always fantasizing about bottoming when I read or write. When I write from the perspective of the top, it’s primarily to frame the bottom’s experience. I think it’s primarily a physical fantasy - my irl sex life, which has been fairly vanilla and monogamous lately, is fairly monotonous (which, I think is pretty normal for long term primarily monogamous relationships). It feels good most of the time, but it’s not usually mind blowing. However, there is the occasional session that is just fucking amazing - the stars align and for whatever reason, these sessions are just mind bending. I’m feeling so much physical pleasure, predominantly from my ass, sometimes finishing with little or no self stimulation, or it just feels so good by itself that climaxing is simply not a priority, and chemistry with my partner is off the charts. (Regarding top v verse v bottom, I did have a period lasting a couple of years where I primarily topped, but once I started having bottoming experiences like the ones described, I had little interest in topping anymore. It just never felt as good. I also suspect that me being circumcised makes topping not as pleasurable as it could be…)

My fantasy comes from a part of me that wants to do almost anything, or give up almost anything, to have that mind bending experience every time I have sex, and as frequently as possible. Shrink my dick? Cage me? Humiliate me? Degrade me? Objectify me? Make me give up my career aspirations and agency to be a house boy slave? Well, irl I don’t really act out any of this, but the fantasy (that a small part of me genuinely believes sometimes) is that I would partake if given the opportunity. The fantasy is that it just feels so physically good that it’s more than worth any humiliation or loss of control. MC is a part of it because then it’s not really my choice (at least at the beginning), so I don’t have to really think about what it might mean if it was my choice lol. MC and tf also makes it plausible to have the stamina and libido to make such a fantasy long lasting.

This is all so interesting! I am mostly a bottom IRL, but in fantasy mode I see myself as the bottom taking control of the str8 jock who has it all or being the fly on the wall as it all happens. It would be cool to see what most readers are into.