Trying to find a story

I remember reading a story around Oct-ish time in 2020, where I believe it was a guy (possibly a superhero) found an old superhero and sidekick who were kidnapped yrs ago, but they looked like they seemingly never aged. I know there is weight gain in the story and the antagonist went by the “colonel” or something of that sort and he would milk the superheros and use it in his secret recipe (I think, again it was a couple yrs ago). Ultimately the main character is captured and is hypnotised/mind wiped into being force fed and milked forever.

Any ideas on what the story is named or where I can find it on the site?

It’s “Justice Boy to the Rescue!” by Swizzington. They requested the removal of all of their stories a few months ago so unfortunately it’s no longer accessible

Oh dang it!! Thank you so much though for the response