Tumblr is going to ban adult content

Looks like Tumblr is going to have a major crackdown on adult material, with all adult images banned from the 17th.

There’s a post on the official Tumblr support page, with the details. I’d post a link, but I’m currently on my phone and I can’t copy the link.

Here’s the link:

(Mod: please delete the “Guest” posts that I just posted and are pending approval…the site got a bit confused and had me in a logged-in-but-still-a-guest state that was really weird, probably cuz I cleared my cache and cookies the other day.)

That’s one great reasons why I like (and some ways prefer) sites like this. There’s something about the description of acts that can be much more powerful than watching a bunch of guys engaged in it. And when the context is right, a verbal description can be so much more powerful than watching guys do it.

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I was just enjoying that excuse to write more detail oriented stories. :slight_smile:


I am so disgusted and disappointed that I am shaking. It’s just so wrong. And I hope if they carry through with the ban tumblr dies.

I like stories but the images are sometimes so hot.


That will probably be the end of tumblr.


Here from dumblr, may it burn to the ground and become the barren wasteland it clearly deserves to be.


I suspect they’ve done the analysis and figured out that they have enough non-porn watching users that now is a good time to stop using that and make themselves more “legit”. I suspect they’re also fighting legal battles over and over again about hosting/posting images and movies that they don’t have any legal right to.

But depending, this will probably be the end of Tumblr for me. If they continue to allow erotica, then I’ll probably continue to use it. I don’t post my own stuff often anyways (read: ever recently) so it’s a downer for me if it makes everyone else stop posting.

I suspect for people with Patreon this will be a problem. Where else, besides the Spiral, can you post erotica and successfully convert people into patrons?

I guess, a lot of the image links in stories will break now.

If it wouldn’t be such a serious cost factor and if it wouldn’t open myself to all kinds of legal attacks, I’d consider allowing to host images on the site directly, but as it is, this is not going to happen, I’m afraid.

This was now the first month without the “first year” discount of my hoster, and the bill went up to $135. Ouch. You guys are causing a lot of traffic (which is a good thing!!!) :slight_smile:


I expect traffic to increase here now. Writers such as myself will just have to migrate to other platforms like this one. You’ve been kind enough to allow us to link our Patreon to our stories so I expect reach to be steady.

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You are very respectful of the GSS readers, Martin. But I don’t feel putting a few more notices for funds would hurt. Perhaps a notice to people who chose to register, and maybe a once-a-year reminder that “nothing is for free.”

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I just might raise the Patreon “goal” a bit. Which would cause the “Patreon’o’meter” on the GSS’s main menu bar to drop down below under 100%. That might be a small incentive for more people to donate.


If anything, this should generate more traffic over here. Tumblr was always weird for me…as far as Patreon goes, I had 460 tumblr followers and I can count on one hand the number that came to my Patreon from there. Just about everyone else came from here, or other Patreon pages. Sounds like there’s an opportunity for anyone who wants to pick up the slack.


I think you’re right about the room for growth. It’s been insane redeveloping my business models but it might workout in the longrun.



I wish we could download all the images as the loss of the super sexy art is gonna be sad.

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Apparently, erotica is still allowed on the site under the new ToS. But I am not sure it will matter given that most people will be leaving the site anyways. I plan on keeping my blog up there for as long as i can, since I don’t really have any experience running my own page or anything. My art blog is definitely going kaput though.

I love this tweet! I don’t know if Newgrounds is a viable replacement for Tumblr or not (I don’t use either), but they seem to think they are. :wink:

(Edit: in the actual tweet, the link just displays as “Newgrounds.com”, so it reads better there.)

Does everyone know what you like about Tumblr? I’m trying to figure out what attracted me to it in the first place.

I think it’s mostly the ease of reblogging, and the feed. It’s not the best platform for posting writing, but it managed to get a number of writers I love to start writing again (Aardvark, at least) and was a launch pad for new authors I like (Absqrst, MuscleAce, Jake Landry, ChaoticDjinn, amongst many others).

Any new platform I move to would have to have easy reblogs at the very least.

Has anyone found a viable alternative?

I’d love to say it’s the perfect opportunity for someone to create a new Tumblr that doesn’t suck and is porn image friendly. But you’d have to compete with the existing platforms out there already, and… filtering out child porn and dealing with those people is not something I’m interested in doing. Especially when you’d have an uphill battle to get people to pay for it, or get advertisers to pay you.

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As a note you night want to think about looking up Bdsmlr. It’s not perfect but it might fit the needs that tumblr provided for the adult community.

For me tumblr was mostly about the feed, and the random images/vids that would inevitably lead down various rabbit holes to other user feeds.
I’m in no rush to find a replacement, as I’m sure there will be various false hopes, so am quite happy to wait to see what, if anything, emerges as a successful replacement.

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