Tying Old Stories to My Registered Account


I noticed that all of my stuff that’s from 2016 or earlier doesn’t show up on my registered account, probably because I published them before I made a registered account. Is there a way to tie them to my newer account, or should I just republish them under the newer account?


I’ve assigned all your old stories to your account. You can now see all their details (ratings etc.), edit them and they’re listed on your profile.

I’m happy to see you back!

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Thanks so much!

I too have three old stories not currently tied to my account. As well as an older series I posted anonymously before I started being Bodriver (The Tribal Amulet).

There’s no way to check whether these stories are yours, as there was neither an author name nor email address set in those stories. So I just trust that these are yours. I’ve assigned them to your account.

You can now edit them and you could also change the author name to a proper name if you want to.