Unpublished story email reminders too frequent

Unpublished story reminders (by email) are too frequent.

I seem to receive one weekly for a story I know is there; I’m holding off publishing until the commissioner gives the go ahead. I suggest reducing the frequency of reminders.

Hi Spiders,

thanks for the suggestion.

As a workaround you can delete the story yourself (as long as it’s not published yet, people can delete them). As usual this will only MARK them as deleted, the story will still be listed in the list of your own stories and you can still make revisions (which will clear the ‘deleted’ mark).

Basically the only difference is that you won’t get any reminder about deleted stories any longer.

That would stop the weekly emails, but it seems like an abuse of the ‘spirit of a delete function’ more so then a sincere way of tackling a nuisance email, from an otherwise correctly working publication system.

I’m going to disable that function altogether since it was implemented before I had established the automatic reminder notification when you visit the site itself. That makes the email kinda obsolete.

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Either getting rid (of the email) altogether, or limiting it to one “whoops, I forgot to hit publish” reminder, seems like good solves.

Now you mention it, I do have the pop up every time too. It’s technically redundant but I don’t find it troubling/annoying and I don’t have any strong opinion about adjusting it.

Hypothetically, if it could—easily—be adjusted to pop up only once-per-submission rather then every time, every visit, etc. then that would be an discreet QoL improvement, but, :person_shrugging: even spending this long pondering something that isn’t a problem anyways is probably excessive.

Actually, the reminder pop up should only appear once a week, too, not every time you visit the site - unless you’ve disabled cookies, then it will appear every time.

Now that you mention that, I’m too heedless to confirm/deny if the pop up frequency is “every time for definite” or just “most times”; I haven’t noticed enough or been put out either way.

I do use incognito exclusively when online as Spiders, and that often has weird cookie consequences, but I digress. In short, there’s a chance I have been enduring the pop up every time rather then the intended amount (once weekly) and I still didn’t find it annoying, which if so, is good testimonial that the pop up is fine, even if it’s appearing more then intended via cookie/privacy voodoo, and, not just to anyone, but to someone as easily annoyed by minutiae as me.

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