What is your ideal version of a vampire story? Is it a super traditional Bram Stoker-esque version, a more modern iteration from the multitude of new series in the 2000s and 2010s, a mix of the two, or something completely different? What makes a vampire story sexy to you? Im making a vampire story and was curious.

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I remember seeing a 10 minute video on a porn site once where a guy was walking into a old building that he thought was abandoned and interrupted two vampires making out so they walked up to him and one was sucking his neck and eventually his lips while the was sucking somewhere else . In the end they all had sex and converted him to a vampire . Love that one of the Powers of vampires is hypnotism :blush: was a awesome clip but can’t find it anymore . Also loved the fright night movie where they was giving the lad a bath and making him fall under the vampires power :flushed:

For me it’s the mystery of the vampire that I find so entrancing. I think the best version the vampire story is the 1931 film. It is an significant improvement on the original novel because it conveys a wonderul amount of mystery in tone and mood. The book tries to do this by making a collage of diary entries and news reports and making the entire thing mysterious (the word “vampire” is mentioned only twice and at the end of the story), but Stoker’s average writing style doesn’t help. Interestingly, the Spanish version of the 1931 film has noticeably more sexual innuendo than the well-known English-language version (a Hispanic dark-haired Mina helps).

Making the vampire more human (which is what’s done in the past 25 years) is exactly the wrong way to approach it. Making the humans as if they’re friends of the vampire also goes against what the story is about. The vampire must be mysterious, untrustworthy, and after one thing - blood - which of course is a metaphor for sexual conquest. It’s like an animal whose main focus in life is obtaining food to survive.

Only vampire pornos I recall are Vampire of Budapest, Gayracula, and a series of 8teenboy or affiliated Twink-centric vids.

Can’t remember what it was called but I think it was a one off thing for Halloween on one of the porno sites… edit found it lol :joy: it something called Jason sparks vampire cream pie lol :joy:

You guys do know the cheesy TV series “The Lair”, don’t you?

The Lair - Wikipedia

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Ha ha ha not as cheesy as the brotherhood movies ha ha

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The entire State of Wisconsin isn’t as cheesy as the “Brotherhood” movies…


I tried to watch the gay vampire movie Scab but it was pretty bad. I fast forwarded through most of it. It did make me think of dome story possibilities where a straight to gay conversation happens along with the vampiric conversion where that’s the chief aim of the protagonist.