Werewolf Stories

I was wondering if you guys all knew of decent stories involving werewolves and domination. I haven’t seen much in the way of that here and though I am in the process of creating said story type… I was wondering if there were other places you guys knew of that would have this very thing.

Things I love: werewolves, transformation, domination, being dominated, puppy play, cum play, piss play, being claimed, father/son incest… to name the majority of my discovered kinks thus far!

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I love this for warewolves: Nate and Dave - Gay Spiral Stories

Let it Loose, by Coistrel Wolf


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Recently caught up to this one and really recommend it, I think t hits a lot of your interests Nifty Archive: sf-fantasy/devil-dawg-donnelly A slow burn that keeps getting better.

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