Werewolf/Supernatural Mind control

I’ve seen stories of supernatural creatures who brainwash/hypnotize humans, but not very many that have the supernatural as the victim.

A spell caster who takes werewolves from a local pack to be his warriors/lovers perhaps? Or maybe a story that takes a page from romance novels and twists the mate bond to make the wolves love him. If the magic user is in high school with the wolves or works with them, how does this change everything. Maybe he makes them wear collars even in human form.

I sort of did a Twilight fanfic based around this on deviantart, but might one day do an original tale for site. Would love to see someone else’s take on it too.


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I mean, I could definitely post some of my furry transformation work, since most of it comes with a heavy dose of mind alteration. I’m not sure how well received such stories would be by the community, though.

I would also be interested in what you suggest! Alas, I can’t give it a shot at the moment due to other things, but it’d be a nice scenario to explore in the future. Lots of ways one could go with it.

This sounds like a sure sexy idea, one I have had an interest in for a while. The idea of a human (normal or magical) taking over werewolves is hot. :slight_smile:

This isn’t werewolf, but one of my long-time characters I’ve already written some stories (not here though) with is an incubus, a demon who’s generally the ‘victim’ of whatever his summoner has done, or sometimes at the hands of a stronger demon, or whatnot, so I might put some of those stories up because I do enjoy the idea of the supernatural creature being the one who’s transformed or changed or controlled.

@Foxtrotter @Heru_Kane @glamgod
I did wonder about the idea of there not being any natural born werewolves. Just one’s created by a family going back generations. They choose people off the street, use magic to make them obediant and give them the ability to turn into wolves. A tradition in their family. What each member chooses to do with their werewolf is different. Some use them as servants while others use them as lovers. But they are all protectors.


That is actually super hot. Our main guy taking someone (or a few someone’s, I like doubles and harem fics) and turning them into werewolves. I would add them gaining a number of werewolf forms, including full feral, anthro wolf, and a super war form. On addition to being able to keep the ability to stay human.

Our main having some hot and sexy guys who serve and obey and protect and submit, so hot.

As is the idea of a society of people with their own werewolf servants.

As an aside I always liked the idea of the main guy being taken by a werewolf alpha in an attempt to make him a were. From this two possible paths go off.

On one, he escapes and heads home. But the process already effected him slightly and so his roommate becomes saturated in phermones and dominated. Creating a new pack with our guy mostly human.

On the second, he overturns the situation and takes charge. Dominating first the old alpha and then the other pack wolves, making him their master.

I love this story idea.

Foxtrotter, I can’t speak for the community here but I know I’d be very interested in seeing your stories, are they available somewhere?


I just looked at the photostory you’ve added a link to in your posting.

It’s fantastic! I think because you just edited your original posting, many people missed that you put it in!

Why don’t you create a full fledged story out of it, post it on GSS while linking to your photos at the appropriate points in the story?

Thanks so much for reading it, Martin, but GSS doesn’t allow stories with celebrities or known fictional characters in it. I suppose I could change the names, but I’ve aready did that story and wanted to try something new with the werewolf concept.

I love that world-idea, especially as families branch off. There’s so many ways one could go about creating such a story. I might very well write something in that vain once I have finished my thesis, assuming you don’t mind.

@Kilelana1, I will send you a link to the stories using the message function of this forum.

Thanks. I was thinking it would be done with magic. Mixing European witchcraft with Native American Shamanism. It doesn’t have to be wolves, but they do represent protection and loyalty so it fits in my mind.

Nope. Wouldn’t have posted it if I did mind.

We could do it as a group wiki

Does the new site still have the wiki function?

The wiki as I made it is no longer functioning. But with the forum here, there’s no real need for an official Wiki, IMO. Create a Google Drive document with your story seed, then create a new topic on here for it and link to it. Any time someone makes changes, they can post a comment to that forum thread letting people know.

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Great idea!

…and once a chapter is finished I’d put it on the main site for everyone to read!

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My stories deal with satyrs but they kind of brush up on this idea! I am definitely up for seeing more werewolf/satyr stories no matter what form or fashion. For the curious, my handle is cubwriter28 . Thanks!

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Cubwriter28, I love your stories! But you don’t have an email address so there’s no way to contact you privately. I love them! Thanks for joining here!

Around Halloween, I started a story with a werewolf element, but it kept getting longer and evolving into more of a short story and wasn’t sure people would put up with a story that didn’t have any sex or transformations until, like, the fourth chapter.

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Chris_Kane - don’t worry - plenty of good multi-chapter stories don’t have much sex in them. If the content is arousing, it’ll be a hit. Go for it!

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