What about Robots?

I’m about to finish writing the last chapter to my current series in the site. As it ends, I’m starting to loose ideas on what to write on. I was wondering if this plot would interest anyone:

A college guy who accidentally finds his friends secret identity as a robot sent from an alternate dimension. As the story would progress, the robot, in a way that I am yet to think of, would actually fall for the main character even after being constantly messed with. The main character would also soon find that his friend isn’t the only robot on campus

If you haven’t noticed with my past stories I have started to get into more ASFR stories, specifically robots. I have been experimenting with plots but what do you think of this idea? I don’t know if I just picked it up from a story I read once, but if you do find a story that has is similar to this, please send me the link. :slight_smile:


I always love stories where somebody is turned into a robot or droid!


Same here. in fact, that’s my primary interest - mind control is second.


So do I. In fact, there’s a whole website/social network devoted to robot/human interaction: Malebots.com

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I know. I used to submit stories there. They got rejected (the second part of my story to be exact) just because I used the word ‘boy’. The character described was never meant to be underage, though.

The admin didn’t even reply to my message, so I never bothered with them again.

Did I mention before, that I really, really hate hypocrisy?


Can you guys also give some good robot stories? I can’t find some good ones on my own…

Great, please due. I too have had issues with malebots, If I get to log on here, I wright more about my thought on a story line I love to see. thank you site gets better and better.

On Malebots (which you have to login to see/read), my favorite stories are:

  • Body Art(ificial) - guy goes for a tat costume but the artist has extensive plans
  • The Curiosity Shop - guy purchases an old fortune telling machine

On GSS, Rubbrsome has some stories which are like robot conversion stories:

  • Brain Feed
  • Tool
  • Drone
  • Infiltration

Rubbrsome has one story which is only on Malebots, “Slave Program” (from 2006). Perhaps he can be convinced to repost it to GSS.

I hope rubbrsome reads this. His first story on NCMC was an eyeopener for me.

You could contact the authors on Malebots if they’d consider reposting their stories here?

I could contact the authors. An issue would be that many of those stories were posted 10 or more years ago and the authors might have moved on. Body Art(ificial) is definitely a candidate for GSS.

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I like idea of a Latowski chastity belt. Wearer is given a “cleaning gel” to use once a day, it is squirted into belt. Gel never leaves, it contains nanites that get absorbed into guy’s cock & transforms him from inside out starting with his dick.

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