What are some tags you'd like to see more stories on?

I was just reading TickledPink’s “The Word of Todd” and it made me fail No Nut November. But it also made me realize that I wish there was more Mormon stuff. Religious stuff in general is fine, I guess, but Mormons (at least the ones I know) pride themselves on being really good and obedient and pure, and they’re all super clean cut, which makes it that much hotter when they’re corrupted. And being shirtless but still wearing the tie? That’s the good shit.

How about you guys? What would you guys like to see?

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I’m probably in the minority here, but I really like #big sub small top. I always find it way hotter when the top/MC isn’t conventionally attractive, while the bottom is a big muscular jock-type that is usually “dominant” or straight. I understand gay guys who like stories where a strong “straight” guy fucks them or calls them homophobic insults, but personally I’d like to be the one fucking those guys. And hypnotizing them to be sex slaves is a pretty hot way to do it


I wrote a Mormon story as such people are so fun.

Small top big sub is also quite fun. Especially when the smaller gay guy shows his superiority.

For me it’s rimming and buttplay. Can’t get enough of it. Want all the stories with it.

I like gay dom, straight sub, whether the dom is tall or short or masculine or nerdy and the sub is big or small or jockish or twinky. It’s the submission of a straight male to a gay male that turns me on.

I also really like so the neutral pov or that of the gay dom. Which makes it hard as soo many stories are pov sub.


I’d gotten started on a Mormon story a while back, with themes along the lines of Latter Days with a gay Mormon struggling to accept his sexuality, but I never finished it. It was more of a love story than j/o material, with the hypnosis being very subtle. If I’d managed to write it the way I wanted, you could have interpreted it as either the hypnotist being in charge and bringing the subject around to accepting his own homosexuality, or that it was God answering his worshipper’s prayers and providing him with exactly the kind of guy he needed. Or maybe some combination of both. When I was doing my background research for the story, I discovered that Mormons believe that God often takes a direct hand in their lives, so it made sense to write it so it could be interpreted either way.

I never got close to finishing it, but I may go back to it some day.

I really enjoy thinks around exhibitionism and humiliation. The “aware” tag is also pretty lacking. I’m starting to write some myself to give that category some love but anytime I see a humiliation tag I get giddy.


I sometimes get into humiliation and I definitely enjoy exhibitionism when I write, though I haven’t really done much public exhibitionism in my stories yet. I can only think of one chapter in one of my stories, off-hand.

What kind of humiliation do you prefer? Things like being made to dress slutty or ugly? Being verbally torn down for some relatively minor thing? Being shamed for their penis size (whatever size it might actually be)? Something else?

I’m not thenakedginger, but I prefer humiliation where the guy is (temporarily) aware of whatever gay thing he’s doing, but unable to stop. Like, the MC might command the guy give him a blowjob, and the guy can’t stop from getting on his knees and tugging out the MC’s dick. Like in Edlam’s newest story, when Desmond makes Frank lick his son’s cum off the table, and Frank is disgusted, but can’t stop from licking up every sticky glob. Or in the first chapter of your story Prom Night, when Caspar makes Mr.C strip naked and watch while Caspar gets sucked off by Mr.C’s son.

Although, I do prefer it to be temporary, It can be a great short-term punishment for a homophobe, or even just a normal guy, but I like the MC to have a willing or mindless sex partner by the end of the story. Also, obliviousness is an even bigger turn on for me. When a guy has been hypnotized to not realize that another guy is fucking him, or when he things that gay sex or being a slave is just a normal part of everyday life, that’s incredibly hot. A great example of this is Closing Time by Redsylph


OP here. If there’s one thing I love in stories, it’s forcing a masculine straight guy to dress like a slut and then constantly berating him for being a slut. Like, the main character makes a guy wear a French maid outfit, clean up after him, and suck his dick, and then he mercilessly berates him for being such a sissy and so desperate for his cock.

Public humiliation is aight but since my main fantasies involve athletes (baseball players mostly lol) I still feel sympathy for ruining their public image. I’d just like to humiliate them in private but let them go out and do what they do.

It also lowkey turns me on to watch baseball pitchers pitch so there’s that

Agree. I prefer not to publish my stories and keep them to myself, but I do have one I enjoy reading and rereading where the victim is so disgusted by what he’s doing that he throws up, but he can’t make himself stop. That’s slightly extreme, but you get my point.

Also, obliviousness is fucking awesome. Edlam is god.

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Which is a shame. Don’t you want to try to publish one of them at least? To give us a glimpse into your fantasy? :stuck_out_tongue:


small top big sub is my jam. I would love to see more smaller guys with massive masculine men and everyone assumes that the big guy is their straight friend or if they know they are dating the top but then behind closed doors he is a complete sub to the smaller guy.


Couple reasons…

  1. They’re really not very good lol
  2. A lot of them are pretty derivative of stories already on the site
  3. 90% of them are about the same fuckin IRL baseball player and I don’t wanna be That Guy

(I’d be That Girl actually, which could be reason number 4)

To the op, I’m glad you enjoyed The Word of Todd! Since it pretty much started as a really lazy pun and a slutty Mormon costume I’d seen it’s good someone else got a kick out of it.

As for things I’d like to see more of, I do like a change of clothes for men in stories, and I actually prefer it when they’re enthusiastic about it. Where they want to dress in sexy costume versions of their jobs or hobbies (or if they see their new outfit as a normal thing they wear), and particularly if they keep something on when the get to the action. That’s probably part of the reason my characters tend to favour underwear that provides their partner with easy access.


There used to be a #goodbyegirlfriend tag on the previous site, which I really enjoyed.

Some of my favorite stories are the ones where a good looking man is stolen away from his girlfriend and forced into a gay relationship. I also really like stories that focus on the protagonist’s conflicted, confused, and humiliating feelings as his attraction to women is slowly removed against his wishes and replaced with men.


Interesting–and you are absolutely correct, I am guilty of it myself. Now I’m energized to write a top POV story, watch for it.


Looling forward to seeing said story.

But yeah more dom top povs would be nice as so many stories are from the perspective of the sub.

I would also, and this is in relation to the thread itself, like more stories where dumbing down DOES NOT happen. Let a hypnotized boy keep their intelligence.


Even though I’m a Dom myself, I find it tremendously difficult to write from the perspective of the Dom. I’ve always thought that part of the “magic” of a story was not knowing exactly what the Dom had planned or what exact wording he was using in his suggestions (if it’s a hypnosis story, anyway). I mean, yes, sometimes I put that stuff in my stories, like when someone else is talking to the Dom or watching him hypnotize a subject, but I find I can’t keep with it long-term. It often comes across as cheesy or over-explaining. That may be just me, though. :slight_smile:

But stories from the Dom’s perspective can certainly be done. I’ve seen a few over the years, and even written at least one chapter of a story from that perspective myself. They can be really good, if done right, I just find them very difficult to actually do right!


Love haircut, shaving stories

hair cut shaving hair growth bear and pipe stories

(Someone’s been browsing old threads!)

It’s not what I’d want to see more stories focus on, but it’s something I’d like to see in general: cum inflation. (Tag: #inflation.) It’s always really satisfying to me for a sex scene to end in enough cum to coat a guy or to round out their stomach, somewhat and temporarily.

Everything I write will have it; that’s a guarantee.